We often bombard ourselves with questions about sexy women : How to make them happy? How to hold them, touch them, dance with them, understand their odd language, fix them when they’re broken, etc.? Fret no more for we give you an essential guy’s guide in understanding and dealing with sexy women.

Cheering Them Up

- When she’s giving you the silent treatment, say something like, “I love you” then smile innocently.
- For dinner, you can tell her, “You know what would be awesome? That you made a few weeks ago.”
- When she’s yelling, find out the person she’s yelling at. If it’s another person, let her do her thing. If it’s you, say, “Let’s talk about it over some drinks.”"
- If her chin is starting to quiver, give her an immediate hug.
- If she’s still getting ready, keep in mind that she just wants to look her best when she’s with you.
- If she won’t have sex with you, try giving her a back rub and plant soft kisses in her neck.
- If she has a friend that’s extremely attractive, refrain from making direct eye contact.
- If she won’t return your call or messages, it’s time to move on.

Making Sexy Women Laugh

- Sexy women are used to be handled in a particular way a little too affectionately, too gently and she’s waiting to see if you’ll be handling her that way, too. Instead of taking this up as a challenge, you might want to consider this as an indirect request.

In this case, you just have to give her the right opportunity which naturally presents itself with the right approach. So, what are the things to keep in mind? Tease gently, be slightly awkward and don’t worry about being a bit silly. What you want is light-hearted, and not a build up to a punch line, giving her an opportunity to make what you said even funnier. The idea is not really making her laugh, but letting her.

Go on a Spontaneous Trip

- Check the weather on a Thursday afternoon. If things are going to be fine in the weekend, carry on.
- Pick a place to go to that’s just around two to three hours away, so you can leave work early, pick her up and reach your destination by dinner time.
- Book a bed and breakfast, because a surprise trip demands it. This will surely please her. Don’t book a reservation online, so make sure to give them a call. The person you’ll be talking to on the phone will most likely be there when you arrive, and they would want to please you as soon as possible.
- Give her a call and say, “Let’s go on a trip. You deserve one.” Try to establish that the trip is a gift, although a modest one.
- Lower her expectations. On the way to your destination, make her think that it won’t be much. The worse you make it seem like, the more fantastic the weekend. 

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