I recently had a discussion with my female friends about how awkward it is to meet guys at bars. They were all sharing their frustrations regarding the whole “giving out their numbers” process. They feel that they have to give it out just to be friendly, and maybe to get rid of the guys who have been hitting on them through the night. However, there are some guys who really make it tough for girls to be nice.

The best way for girls to avoid that awkward first date is not to give out their numbers entirely. As a guy, I know all there is to know about the getting the numbers game. If an attractive woman is giving me signs of hope, I’m going to try and get those digits, because I always assume she’s out to find a date like I am. With that in mind, here are a few adult dating tips to remember so you can avoid giving out your phone number:

Safety in Numbers
A lot of guys wouldn’t dare ask for your number when you’re in the company of your friends. It’s just too awkward for them, and they wouldn’t want to risk being rejected in front of others. Guys will find an opportunity when you’re away from your friends to get your phone number, so stick with them.

Giving Them the Cold Shoulder
Don’t ask questions, avoid eye contact, and just maintain the general appearance of someone who is trying to get away. If you do all these, even the most confident guy will just give up hope and walk away.

Stay Away From Dark Corners
Getting yourself trapped in a private place with a dude you’re trying to stay away from will only encourage him to try and ask for your digits. He’ll assume you want to be alone with him, even if it’s just accidental.

Just Say No
If a guy asks for your number and you don’t have plans to go adult dating with him or even call and respond to his texts, just tell him “no.” When a girl denies me this way, I am instantly embarrassed and hurt a little. However, I ultimately have respect for her because she didn’t give me false hope.

Phantom Boyfriend
While most guys would want proof that the number you gave them is real, they wouldn’t need to find out if a boyfriend is real. They may try to make you look stupid by telling you they just wanted your number so you could be “friends,” but in most cases, they’ll just back off. 

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Online dating is one of the things that young people are involved with. With the technology that we currently have, it is easier to make the best efforts to seek a partner online from dating websites. One must take note, though, that they should be careful about making friends online to avoid any kind of scams and harassment.


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