tumblr llh4evtOF91qirlbeo1 500 300x240 Adult   Sex Tips:  Going Burlesque in the Bedroom You don’t have to wait for a burlesque dance troupe to hit your city just to enjoy retro adult sex antics.  Thanks to our panel of experts made up of a scene stalwart and a dance instructor, you will be able to recreate Club Noir in the comforts of your home.  Your only requirement:  a relatively willing partner.
  •  Shopping – Fashion lingerie company La Perla’s Black Label collection will give you an imaginative twist on the vintage burlesque genre.  For purists, they can always opt for corsets from Vollers, a British corset company established in 1899.  There are also online burlesque shopping boutique’s to check out like What Katie Did for fluffy girls and Modern Courtesan for those high-maintenance ones.
  •  Setting the Mood – In setting the right mood, lighting is very important.  Ditch those overhead bulbs and opt instead to go sultry with lamplight using a soft red bulb.
  •  Soundtrack – Jazz music works better than classic musical hall tunes.  You will need something that’s slow, so don’t be tempted to use tracks from the Pussycat Dolls.  If all you’ve got is an old CD with James Bond themes, it could work.
  •  Props – Artistes use boas, ostrich feathers, gloves and cigarette holders to slowly remove in their routines.  You can peruse over Bo’s Tit Bits site (bos-tit-bits.com) and check out their sparkly nipple tassles (politically correct term:  pasties), masks and riding crops.  Red velvet curtains help the audience be removed from the fact that they are in a lounge.
  •  Chairs – The use of chairs can be awesome.  You can do the sexy Sharon Stone quick flash, and, of course, prop your leg up on the chair to remove your stockings.
  •  Stockings – Wearing stockings is very essential.  There will be lots of rubbing them up and down that, plus sexy finger wagging.  Stick your thumb under the top elastic and ease it down.  Hold on to the back of the chair, throw the leg back, reach behind and pull it off so it snaps.
  •  Gifts – A fantastic performance certainly deserves gratitude.  So what can you give her?  Diamonds, of course.  A bottle of bubbly is also appropriate.
The Routine
  •  Strut and Tease – The catwalk strut is the basic walk.  There should be no slouching, back straight, butt out and head raised up confidently.  Your movements should be all about the tease and the premise of mind-blowing adult sex move slowly and savor the performance.  This requires a lot of focus and sensuality compared to just dancing naked around a pole.
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