Get a load of these dating tips online and mini golf can suddenly be classified as somewhat erudite. The takeaway? Just do whatever makes the both of you happy.

Staying Close with Guns
Try hitting your cowboy action shooting club and dress up in a Western outfit, shoot em guns, and pretend you’re in the Wild West. This can be seriously fun!

Geek Conventions
Check out the next sci-fi convention or comic con happening in your city. Your man can get to see the “Star Wars” characters he loves, and at the same time you can connect with your fellow “Charmed” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fanatics. It’s an instant geek bonding time!

Bowling Partners
You and your hubby can join a bowling league. Bring your own shoes and balls you can even have matching shirts!

A Dreadful Pastime
Going ghost hunting in old houses and graveyards is one of the more adventurous dating tips online . Bring an electromagnetic field detector along with you, which can be fun because it goes off if there are ghosts around. It’s very scary, but can be highly entertaining. Some can even be a little turned on by this little ghost adventure.

Getting Dirty Literally
How about doing something those rednecks do for fun? Go mud bogging! Take your four-wheel drive truck to a muddy field and do wheelies and donuts. Just be prepared to hose off all the mud the next day. 

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Expert landscaper Frank Contey, member of Landscape Guild and Terra Graphics, answers your questions on landscaping.

What are the things I can do to my landscape so it can attract hot girls to me?

I have no idea what you look like and I don’t really know who you are, but if you’re still wearing that Air Supply t-shirt, even landscaping can’t help you score on hot girls. But if this is not the case, then my answer is roses. Plant roses in your lawn and hot girls are sure to notice. Immediately, she’s going to know you have the ability to take care of a plant with such beauty. Let’s take my dentist, for instance. He has roses outside his office, so when women come in for their appointment, they always ask about his roses what kind they are and where he got them. It’s pretty amazing how it can start an instant conversation. My personal choice for a no-frills, easily available rose for a guy is one dubbed a “Knock Out” rose. It’s compact, about a meter high, and very easy to take care of. Plus, it has an awesome name. But if you mean serious business, you can try going with the David Austin line of roses. This line has the form and fragrance of antique roses with the advantages of modern hybrids.

And one more thing: There’s this guy I know named Steve who is one of the best horticulture experts in New Jersey. He’s a seasoned sailor with a rough exterior and really knows his plants. When I spoke to him about this inquiry, he started laughing and said, “Plant a red-hot poker, or a burning bush.” I found this funny, but I say just stick to the roses.

We often bombard ourselves with questions about sexy women : How to make them happy? How to hold them, touch them, dance with them, understand their odd language, fix them when they’re broken, etc.? Fret no more for we give you an essential guy’s guide in understanding and dealing with sexy women.

Cheering Them Up

- When she’s giving you the silent treatment, say something like, “I love you” then smile innocently.
- For dinner, you can tell her, “You know what would be awesome? That you made a few weeks ago.”
- When she’s yelling, find out the person she’s yelling at. If it’s another person, let her do her thing. If it’s you, say, “Let’s talk about it over some drinks.”"
- If her chin is starting to quiver, give her an immediate hug.
- If she’s still getting ready, keep in mind that she just wants to look her best when she’s with you.
- If she won’t have sex with you, try giving her a back rub and plant soft kisses in her neck.
- If she has a friend that’s extremely attractive, refrain from making direct eye contact.
- If she won’t return your call or messages, it’s time to move on.

Making Sexy Women Laugh

- Sexy women are used to be handled in a particular way a little too affectionately, too gently and she’s waiting to see if you’ll be handling her that way, too. Instead of taking this up as a challenge, you might want to consider this as an indirect request.

In this case, you just have to give her the right opportunity which naturally presents itself with the right approach. So, what are the things to keep in mind? Tease gently, be slightly awkward and don’t worry about being a bit silly. What you want is light-hearted, and not a build up to a punch line, giving her an opportunity to make what you said even funnier. The idea is not really making her laugh, but letting her.

Go on a Spontaneous Trip

- Check the weather on a Thursday afternoon. If things are going to be fine in the weekend, carry on.
- Pick a place to go to that’s just around two to three hours away, so you can leave work early, pick her up and reach your destination by dinner time.
- Book a bed and breakfast, because a surprise trip demands it. This will surely please her. Don’t book a reservation online, so make sure to give them a call. The person you’ll be talking to on the phone will most likely be there when you arrive, and they would want to please you as soon as possible.
- Give her a call and say, “Let’s go on a trip. You deserve one.” Try to establish that the trip is a gift, although a modest one.
- Lower her expectations. On the way to your destination, make her think that it won’t be much. The worse you make it seem like, the more fantastic the weekend. 

spread QZOKXX 282x300 Dating Online Tips on How to Dress Up for the Club When we talk about the club, we don’t mean the math club, golf club or gentlemen’s club. This is the kind of club that has a doorman out front and where promoters stage “nights” at. In other words, this is the kind of place that a lot of guys try to stay away from, but with all the hot girls in short skirts dancing, still merits many visits. So whether the environment is kind of alien to you or not, you need to exercise diligence, especially if you want to do something about those hot girls in short skirts. Here are essential dating online tips to help you out.

Skip wearing your nicest threads

Yes, we know, we know where else will you wear that awesome-looking weekend outfit? But you have to note that it’s going to be sweaty in there. And let’s face it, nobody is really going to take notice of that nice cashmere sports coat, especially in a club’s lighting.

Avoid wearing black

This may seem imprudent, but you have to consider that clubs tend to be bedecked with UV light bulbs, making black clothes look brownish and unattractive. And that’s saying nothing of dandruff. However, gray is best worn to hide sweat, and blue looks always great at night.

Don’t check in your coat

Go with something that can take the heat inside without having to go through the long coat check line. Try putting on a lightweight blazer or leather jacket. The more pockets your jacket has, the more potential for fewer sweat stains.

Know the city

The reason is because a night club’s institutional etiquette can depend on geography, which also varies widely. For example, you may be wearing the “right sneakers” in New York and the doorman knows it. But in Las Vegas, it would be better if you came in square toes you got from Payless. For a safer bet, ditch those sneakers and go for footwear that “get better with age,” like boots, moccasins or anything that isn’t white.

Know the club

Each club is different different dress codes, crowds, or air conditioning. A little research can go a long way towards you being dressed inappropriately.

You must, under any circumstances, refrain from wearing sunglasses

Only Jack Nicholson can get a pass, and maybe Kanye West. But our dating online tips say this whole concept is downright obnoxious. Besides, wearing sunglasses in a low light environment will only prevent you from knowing if a woman is attractive upon first glance. Chances are, if she’s talking to you at this point, meaning you inside a club, sweating and wearing sunglasses, she is most likely not.
Still wondering why your girl suddenly rubbed a scrunchie over your manhood? If you think she gets her kinky ideas from sex online tips and porn like you do, then no. She did this because a women’s magazine told her to do so. Those innocent-looking reading materials she brings home with a freshly photoshopped face of Leighton Meester are loaded with strange and disturbing sex tips like, “Gently nibble on his scrotum.” Terrifying, yes? But for every junk-endangering item, there must be sex online tips that work, right? To find answers, we asked a couple of ladies to test a few of these.

The Tip: “Using bobby pins on his nipples can give him serious pleasure. Use the pointy tip to gently draw circles around his headlights. As the circles draw closer to his nipple, his anticipation will increase, making them hard and erect. Then use the pins as small nipple clamps the slight pinch will enhance his pleasure.” – Cosmopolitan

The Test: In the middle of a make out session, I take out a bobby pin and gently draw circles around my man’s areola. He chuckles because he’s ticklish. I make the rings smaller until I make direct contact with his nipple. At this point his nips could cut glass just as Cosmo predicted. As I clamped the pin, he stopped laughing, but he’s not exactly moaning in pleasure. It sounded more like whimpering to me. I leave it clamped as I focus my attention below the belt, which seemed to go well until he tells me to remove the pin because it starts to hurt. The Verdict: Less pin, more hand job.

The Tip: “When you give him head, have an ice cube and a cup of warm tea on hand. Alternate between sucking on the ice cube and sipping tea every few minutes. The sensation will drive him crazy.” – Women’s Health

The Test: This one seems to work. “Oooh, that’s intense,” he manages to say when I make the transition from cold to warm. I’m happy he’s enjoying this bit, although it feels weird having to pause constantly to switch. Having been encouraged by his positive response, I veer away from the procedure by keeping warm water in my mouth to bathe his junk in it. But the water ends up spilling all over the place, while I stumble around looking for something to wipe it off. He doesn’t seem to mind at all.

The Verdict: His thoughts are, “You’re just delighted with the fact that your blow job time is cut in half.” Guilty as charged.
53becksjpg 300x206 Some People Looking for Sex Like It Scorching HotThere is no time hotter than a summer-long, one-season stand.  Thanks to humid weather, longer days and loads of Mojitos, summer is the perfect time for people looking for sex However, summer casual encounters are not all fun and games.  I’ve experienced two:  one amazing, the other a disaster.  The amazing one was with a guy in a band that was on tour which had my hometown as one of their stops.  He was only there for a week, so we both knew our hookup was all about doing as much as we could with no strings attached.  The other was with a foreign exchange student.  We were at it for a few weeks, and then he ended up stalking me for the rest of the summer, when I absolutely no desire to be his girlfriend.

Summer flings are always memorable, which is the reason why I’ve never forgotten those guys, and almost every girl is up for one at some point in their lives.  But how can one tell if she’s up for a fling or maybe something more?

Women looking for sex tend to be more sexually active in the summer, but it’s not just because we actually cared about shaving our legs again.  For many girls, summer gives the opportunity to lead a double life.  On summer break, they are given the chance to bone their ex or high school crush when they come home.

And even when done with college, a lot of women are still looking for sex flings thanks to beach or lake house weekend trips that lets them leave their stressful work personas behind.  The idea of hooking up with someone, while spending the weekends drinking and having sex makes the workweek fly.

Of course, the best candidates for summer casual encounters are women who will be going back to wherever it is they came from come September. They are more likely to understand the agreement that everything that’s going to happen is just temporary.  However, there are other behavioral clues.  For instance, if she’s someone you’ll get to see regularly every summer, but gets to having sex right away, then she’s probably not looking for a boyfriend.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a summer fling in your hands, the last thing you want to do is push her away.  So keep in mind that the whole point of having a fling is to keep things light and breezy, just like the weather.  So when it comes to wild summer hookups, it might be best to stick the rules made clear in     the movie Grease:  When it gets colder, that’s where it ends.
You can either go for all the adult sex positions you want to try, or you can ask the world’s leading doctors for advice on adult sex for guaranteed efficient tricks in the bedroom. And the positions get even better.

Let her know she looks and even tastes good
It has been proven that women who feel confident with how their privates look are more open to a variety of sexual activity, and are more likely to orgasm because of their more relaxed state. When a guy goes down on his woman, he should do it with much enthusiasm, telling her how gorgeous she is and how good she tastes. Guys shouldn’t treat it like a chore.

Hear her out
The one difference that sets a regular guy apart from a gigolo is a gigolo can listen to what a woman wants in bed, so all you have to do is ask. It would also be sound advice to ask her when you’re not in the bedroom. Raise the subject while you’re out on a walk or doing something casually intimate together.

Touch her everywhere with oil
Touching her sensually releases a powerful sex hormone called oxytoxin, which boosts a woman’s levels of testosterone and sets her sex drive on fire. The smooth and seductive feel of oil rubbed on skin is a huge turn on, leading to more passionate adult sex.

Take your time when undressing
There is a certain degree of control when it comes to the amount of neurotransmitter released, so looking at a nude photo will spark a fast and strong release of dopamine, and possibly oxytoxin. However, this fades quickly, so let her work for it a little. She will surely enjoy the neuro orgasm.

Take a shower
Up to this day, there is no proven human pheromone that can make you irresistible. So until one is found, wash well.

Set a mood by turning the lights down
For heightened arousal, women need to deactivate parts of their brains which are associated with anxiety and stress. If women aren’t relaxed, they cannot enjoy adult sex, so dim the lights and try sharing a fantasy. One Ivy League study revealed that if you wrap a woman in a sensual embrace for more than 30 seconds, her levels of oxytoxin and anticipation of sex are increased.

Sit back and relax
Try to find out which sexual position is most stimulating for her. Usually, it’s her on top, facing away, which is also known as the reverse cowgirl position. The angle of the penis touches the anterior all of her vagina, which stimulates her G-spot. 

_We've got dating facts we bet you didn't even know. These statistics can serve as a guide, and help you be favored in your dating experience. Your questions about spending on a date will be answered, so you may create the right strategy according to your planned evening. If you are on a budget and still want to have a fun time on a date, these highly enjoyable and quirky cheap date ideas can be a lifesaver, and may still keep you in top dating form. You can use these low cost romantic date ideas on Valentines Day or anytime you want to!

Be armed with the latest cheating techniques on how to have an affair. Go over these sneaky and very effective methods in cheating with your spouse or girlfriend so they will never be the wiser. We asked expert cheaters to enumerate and explain their effective system on staying below radar. We've got all bases covered: From how an effective lie should be told to clever maneuvers, having an affair can be as appealing and delicious as having your cake and eating it too. Know all these by heart so that you will not get caught cheating. Use them according to your situation, and surely you will be "The Man!"
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