It is not surprising that superhero films are extremely popular, especially among guys. So while most dudes like comic book capers, they normally have a favorite. Your Internet dating partner’s superhero of choice reveals the strengths and qualities that he would like to have or develop more. Here, we compare four of the most well-known superheroes and explain what it means if your Internet dating partner is a fan.

* Superman

Superman is the archetypal overall “nice guy” he’s very loyal, believes that all people are innately good, and is always on his toes to save the world. A dude who digs The Last Son of Krypton generally has the same characteristics. So even if you may not need your Internet dating partner to save you from a burning building, he’ll love it if you ask for help in solving a mini crisis whether if it’s fixing a leak or helping calm you down after a spat with a friend. However, his desire of helping people might not just be focused on you. He’s the type to spend his days helping his mom or doing favors for friends. If you feel that his time is being solely controlled by being a little too good to other people, just say so and he’ll be forthcoming.

* Spider-Man

Spidey is one of the underdog superheroes, if not the most. As his Peter Parker persona, he is quite the sensitive guy, totally responsible, and a bit geeky. His Spider-Man alter ego is pretty much the same, except for the fact that he has super powers that make him swing from one tall building to another, saving damsels in distress. If your man relates to this web-slinging super nerd, he is likely to be emotionally open, always on the dot, and constantly has the need to do the right thing. Just like Spidey, your man may be so caught up in taking up the burden of responsibility that he has a difficult time to be carefree. It’s going to be your job to teach him how to loosen up.

* Batman

The Batman, a.k.a. Bruce Wayne, drives around in a badass car, goes out with hot models, and is practically rolling in tons of money. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why your man is into his character. However, the Caped Crusader also has a dark side his parents were murdered by criminals, becoming the reason why he’s out fighting the bad guys. He avoids getting attached to most people and is kind of a loner. Your man may share the same dangerously charming appeal, but you may have to work a bit harder to make hip open up a little.

Cheating can be a very sneaky business. A lot of things go down like telling half truths, complete lies, and getting involved in different kinds of stealthy activities when a person cheats on a partner. A new book is out entitled “Does He Cheat?” in the hopes to shed some light on this rather tricky subject. The authors, Sterling Anderson and Stephanie Dart, interviewed hundreds of men from across the country who have admitted to cheating in their Internet datingrelationships and relationships in general. They talked to men from different backgrounds and had them share their startling secrets. We talked to the authors to discuss the results of their research.

* What are a few telltale signs of cheating?

Sterling: An unexpected change in patterns relating to behavior is the first red flag i.e., clothes especially new underwear fitness regimen, taste in music. Yes, new lovers from Internet dating swap musical interests in their quest to get to know each other.
Stephanie: Also, find out if they’re spending time hanging out with their “best friends” who are known cheaters. Be wary of another sign giving you times when you’re not allowed to call him.

* Is there a certain time of the year when cheating is most common? Or a time when there are bigger temptations to do this?

Sterling: After interviewing men in the hundreds, it really seems to depend on the stress level they have on the job, the availability of the other woman, and their nagging spouses.
Stephanie: Many of them talked about spring fever, when heavy clothing is taken off. And dramatic changes in weather can be the perfect excuse to stay off the radar, with hotel stayovers being the worst.

* What is the best way to confront a cheater?

Sterling: You can say something like, “I don’t know what you’re up to but I’ve been noticing, and the things you are trying to do make me feel bad. If you want to leave, there’s nothing I can to because that’s what you want, but please don’t make a fool out of me and the kids.”
Stephanie: You can also simply state, “When you do this, it makes me feel this. I wish you would do this. This translates to letting your man know that his behavior hurts and humiliates you. And if he wants another partner, he should be a mature adult and respect you enough to leave the relationship.

A lot of women want to know if daydreaming about adult sex is normal. Yes, they are! Here are the top adult sex fantasies by women and what they say about you.

1. Sex with another guy, usually a celebrity

This doesn’t mean you’re not satisfied with your existing adult sex life. It’s just that you are sexually excited by having new experiences with, of course, gorgeous celebrities.

2. Threesomes

If you imagine yourself having sex with two men, this means you want to be admired and be doted on. Hell, perhaps even fought over. On the other hand, thinking about you and your man with another woman gives light to the very sexy idea of having other ladies attracted to your man.

3. Domination

This type of sexual fantasy allows you to engage in erotic stuff that may seem taboo, sans the guilt. Imagining yourself as being submissive can signify a desire for losing control; freedom from responsibility can be sexually exciting!

4. Sex with a woman

This doesn’t mean you are questioning your sexuality. It only shows that you are appreciative of the gorgeous female form and how sexy it is. Also, you are very open-minded on giving and receiving pleasure.

And last, but not the least…

5. Sex with you man

This is the most common of all women fantasies. It generally can be more exciting than your usual roll in the hay, say, a rerun of your steamy honeymoon. It also means that having hotadult sex with your man simply turns you on. How awesome is that?

Going out and having dinner or watching a movie can get boring if done repeatedly. Don’t get me wrong though, they are old reliable mainstays for a good reason. So if you’re tired of heading to the theaters and then going for a sit-down dinner, we’ve got a few exciting ideas that can shake it up for your dates with sexy girls.

The next time you decide to go out on an unusual activity with one of your sexy girls , consider doing one of these unique date ideas.

* Try acting like a tourist in your own city. If your city has its own cool historical site or even a cheesy tourist attraction to be proud of, show off your hometown pride by checking them out together.

* Are you feeling macabre and are into all things eerie? Check if your local cemetery conducts tours or any special events. It’s an exciting and creepy way to spend an evening. In Los Angeles, the Hollywood Forever Cemetery holds summer showings of classic films. The movies are projected to a wall of a large mausoleum and movie patrons picnic on the huge open lawns.

* Do volunteer work. Look up postings on local organizations to check where a lovely couple can help make a difference. You can assist in serving food at a soup kitchen, wrap gifts for a “Toys for Tots” kind of drive or simply hit the park and spend the day picking up litter.

* Go on a historic architecture tour. If your city has a district rich in history, a local preservation organization might offer a walking guided tour. If this is not available, you can research on old gorgeous buildings and other historical places for your own self-guided tour.

* Take classes together. Visit a center and inquire about free classes for first timers. A lot of fitness centers allow newbies to try out classes (yoga, martial arts, dance, etc.) for free or discounted rates. You can also check out centers that have arts and crafts programs, so you can both channel your inner Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore for some sexy “Ghost”-style heat.

Your sex dating relationship with your man needs to take a break from that boring daily grind and get that much needed spark. Here are a few romantic sex dating ideas to help you stop making excuses and start packing those bags.

* Excuse no. 1: We don’t know anyone who can take care of the kids.

Of course you do, and she’s called your mother-in-law. If she’s not available, there are your own parents, siblings and very close friends who can qualify as siblings. Arrange for them to baby sit. If they don’t live nearby, hit the road and go to their city, then fly out of the nearest airport instead of dragging your ass back to your home town. You may also try asking a good friend with kids to watch over yours, and then just return the favor when it’s their turn to pack their bags sans diapers.

* Excuse no. 2: Our vacation budget will take a beating.

You don’t have to a Caribbean vacation to have an awesome time together. You can plan a trip to a different city, stay at a hotel, go out to dinner and have interesting fun conversations. And if you want to travel further, like Europe, avoid the bustling summer tourist season. Also take note that your dollar can go further in destinations like South America and Asia. Plan your trip and go online to search for the best deals on hotel discounts, travel packages and destination updates. You can also book your flight on your favorite airline.

* Excuse no. 3: We’re not that desperate. We can just go out for dinner.

What, so sex dating getaways are only for couples who are going through a major slump? Think of this more as a recharge of sorts. U.S. conducted research shows 40 percent of women feel more loving on vacation, and a Dutch study reveals that just planning a vacation increases levels of happiness, possibly from all the anticipation of how much fun you’re going to have. Plans of having a romantic getaway can be a psychological boost; it lets you focus on each other. The post vacation feeling can be rewarding. It can give your relationship new energy and a deeper appreciation of your marriage and family. You will go back to your crazy lives happier, relaxed and excited to see your children.

Albert Tanner discusses the reasons why men don’t see those supposed flaws hot girls claim they have, except when you try too hard to hide them.

Like a lot of guys out there, I’m too preoccupied paying attention to the other stuff that makes the body of hot girls more awesome to notice those things that you think are flaws. What we do see, however, is your attempts at obsessing and compensating on your supposed flaws. If you want to save yourself from loads of angst and cash, read on.

* Cellulites, bellies, etc.

When I hit the beach during summer, I get sad when I see hot girls covering up their bodies just because they are too self-conscious about a few of their jiggly parts. Who cares? Everybody’s got them! It’s a sign of all the good times you’ve been through. Remember, a woman who has the confidence to show people he knows how to enjoy a good meal and laugh at things funny, who is willing to have a little muffin top rise over the edge is a whole lot sexier than someone who opts to cover herself in big, baggy clothes. As for sex, these don’t bother guys either a little extra bounce here and a slap there is never a bad thing in bed.

* Sagging breasts

Fact: Men love boobs. Although some “boob men” have specific tastes, many of us are into the rich adornment of hot girls‘ breasts. I am so fortunate my wife still loves her knockers in spite of all the changes they’ve gone through in the past decade. Appreciated boobs are sexy boobs, regardless of its shape and size. So if you love your rack and think they’re smokin’, so will your man.

* Fake lips

Lips that have been injected with a foreign substance are just plain creepy. Take it from me, collagen injections will not make you look like Angelina Jolie; they’ll only make you look like you just had an invasive dental surgery that went wrong.

* Frozen face

Why do guys hate it when you inject your wrinkles away? Let me put it this way: It’s because it takes away your ability to convey human emotions.

Husband: Sweetie, you seem oddly unmoved by the fact that our dog just ate a peeling knife.
Wife: I’m frowning with concern… on the inside.

* Scars

At one point, my wife’s stretch marks from pregnancy were red and very noticeable, along with her C-section scar, but they don’t and never did bother me one bit. I guess it’s safe to assume that most guys don’t mind either. In my wife’s case, her scars are physical evidence of our shared experiences, and of the pain she was willing to go through for our family. They show how tough my wife is, which just makes her a lot more attractive.

Having the ability to read your male casual sex partners minds can prove to be boring, or even gross. But at certain crucial moments, you have to know what’s going on there. We have a few of our favorite guy bloggers spill the beans on this.

* You are driving. And in the passenger seat beside you, I’m stressed.

You are not only one of the best casual sex partners I ever had, but you are actually a skilled driver too, but for some reason your firm sense of right and wrong makes for exasperating car conversation. You ask, “Can I flip him off?” I say, “No! Just switch over to the next lane. You’re going to hit them when they stop short. And no, it’s not worth it!” When we finally reach our destination, I’m already drained of energy. The only solution to this problem is me drive home.

* He knows he wants to marry you.

“Sam, I can see you marrying this woman.” May good friend Pierre shakes his head sardonically as I tell him the New York girl I met online is coming over to visit. “If this happens, you’ll be my best man,” I retort. Har har, we’re thinking. Weddings only happen to other people when you’re 18.

A few days later, I stand waiting outside the arrival doors of the Toronto airport terminal, nervously thinking of how you look like based on the pictures you’ve sent. I am anxious and doubtful until I catch sight of you. I see your eyes, and you see mine. “There you are,” I tell myself. “I would recognize you anywhere.” We kiss for the first time; just barely more than strangers. And then I know this is wonderful… Pierre is going to need a tux.

* You are on the delivery table.

I’m no lightweight. I have gone through four seasons of “E.R.” But when I see our son Brian come out your body drenched in unknown fluids, my brain releases a series of expletives ranging from sources as diverse as “South Park” to “Scooby-Doo.” By the time his twin brother Matt emerges, all I hear is white noise. I aimlessly take pictures as the doctor handles their oddly dripping bodies.

In gaining two wonderful sons, I’ve lost a few things too mainly, my appetite. From that day on, I have never looked at veal the same way. I wouldn’t have been anywhere but by your side during that miraculous act, but I’ve decided to give up hospital dramas.

Going on a memorable date doesn’t have to be fancy, expensive or elaborate. Date nights work by simply having the chance to get together, catch up with each other’s lives and shut out the noise of your busy lives. If you want hot romance that doesn’t cost a fortune, you can fight that urge to splurge with these cheap but fun discreet dating ideas.

  • Try going out for brunch, and then catch a matinee. Those fancy restaurants are far more affordable during the daytime.
  • During the warmer season, a lot of cities offer free outdoor screenings, which can be a nice alternative to going inside a stuffed movie theater. Your local museum or library can sometimes screen films unexpectedly from classic favorites to very enlightening documentaries. Check your local city listings for schedules.
  • A dinner and movie discreet dating combo for just under five bucks? Check out your local library and browse through their video section. You can go to a fast-food joint of your choice and order drive-thru meals for two.
  • You don’t have to choose between a delicious feast and paying for that mortgage. A simple pasta menu on a shoestring budget can bring back those exhilarating days of dating when splurging meant a cheap, but delicious dinner at an Italian restaurant.
  • Bring a camera with you next time you go out discreet dating . Ask people to take your pictures while you smooch every time the camera clicks. Then on your next date, make a collage of all the pictures of your kissing day after having them all developed.
  • Turn your bedroom into a relaxing and romantic getaway retreat by making it look like a hotel room complete with number on the door, rose petals on a freshly made bed, a nice stack of towels, fizzy bath tablets in the bathroom for an instant jacuzzi, new stationery with a pen for writing each other short love notes, and a bottle of sparkling wine in an ice bucket.
  • Play strip poker! Shed an article of clothing every time someone loses a hand. See if you can make it through just a few games.
  • Plan on discreet dating on weekends with a late night stroll arm-in-arm together even if it’s just around the block.
  • Clear out the fridge and pack up all the leftovers for a picnic. Pack them all in a basket with your best china and glassware, and then plan a date to meet at your local park on a nice Saturday afternoon.

One of the worst sentences in the English language has got to be, “I think we should be friends.” Only in a world as weird and crazy as ours do we think that we should have a platonic relationship with those hot girlswe’ve dated after we’ve stopped boning them. I’m sure most people are not keen on this, and so is this poor soul:

“This guy I’ve been dating for three months just broke up with me recently because he said he has ‘no feelings’ for me. However, he still wants to stay friends, saying he wants us to be ‘close friends,’ in case ‘something might happen.’ Is he bullshitting me? Should I be friends with him just so I could keep him in my life, knowing I will always want more out of it? I do want him as a friend, but I’m awfully attracted to him and I fear I’ll get hurt. My feelings are already hurt because he broke up with me.”

The questions you have to ask is, were you friends before you started dating? No? Well then, goodbye. Thank you for the sex and the heartbreak. Please lose my number on your way out. P.S.: Your jokes weren’t even funny.

This is a classic case of a guy wanting to have his cake and eat it too. He knows you’re a good catch, but his heart is not into you as of the moment, so he would like to keep you around in case his future endeavors with other hot girls don’t work out, or he just needs a shoulder to cry on. Sounds like a fairy tale romance, yes?

And he knows you’re into him bad, or else he would never do this to you. I’ll give him extra points for pulling that ballsy “something might happen” line, and another plus for being manipulative.

Yes, he probably means he wants to be friends with you, but what’s in it for you? What will you get out of it? You get to harbor this attraction for months, or even years. You will be frustrated, jealous and ultimately be hurt.

It’s still all going be up to you, but his offer of friendship will not benefit you in any way, and will be very far from ideal. Don’t torture yourself save yourself from the hurt and protect your ego. Just say goodbye and move on with your life.

There have been two interesting statistical data that has appeared in the media on young people and sexual activity using their mobile phones. The Journal of Pediatrics published a study saying that 10 percent of young people aged 10-17 have sent or received sexually suggestive photos, with one percent having shared images that depict explicit nudity. The study suggests a couple of things: 1) It’s most likely a small minority of young people doing all the sexting; and 2) All the hoopla that”s going on between sexting teens is precisely that hoopla. But before anything else, this study begs the question: What things are needed to take into consideration to call it sexting? This how to sexting guide will help you find out.After giving it considerable thought, it is pretty safe to say that a sext is subjective. It is really intended to make him hard or her wet. If you’re dating a guy who has a foot fetish, and then you send him a picture of you having a foot spa, that’s already considered a sext. If you’re dating a girl who’s into spanking during sex and you send her a photo of a paddle, that’s also a sext. And if your dating life is considered somewhere in between and like to see the occasional knocker, ass, dick or pussy on your phone, you can go ask yourself: Does this turn me on? If you say yes, then this can be considered as sexting.

This how to sexting guide all boils down to what someone finds sexy. For some people, they can often be turned on by reading descriptions more than seeing direct visuals. Reading what someone is doing or will be doing can easily trump receiving a photo in her undies. Well, probably. Who doesn’t get turned on by a picture of someone they find sexy in hot lingerie? We are visual creatures. Some are just turned on when they shape and digest words into imagery.

The major difference is words are just words, and it’s more difficult to use them for future embarrassment or legal action than pictures, which means little risk when sending worded messages. But perhaps sending photos is part of the thrill. It’s quite hard to put a finger on it, so it’s totally up to the parties involved in sexting.

And that may be just it. What constitutes a sext, a flirt and just a plain old text is completely up to your judgment. A huge part of sex is temptation, discovering the unknown and anticipation. These are important factors to think about when you’re sexting. Remember, imagination is a very powerful thing.