If you have been noticing something different about your girlfriend in recent days you have been together, there must be something up. If she has been acting strange and distant, you might want to solve the growing mystery in your relationship. Here are signs of cheating that can definitely the truth on your girlfriend:

1. She has a “secret” male friend. Your girlfriend never had the interest to introduce you to this friend of hers. She would probably tell you he’s gay, has a girlfriend or married.

2. She is always busy. She has been declining your invitations to go out. This may be a drastic or subtle change from her routine.

3. She cuts your connection with her. You start to have a hard time communicating with her. She starts to tell you different reasons why she has not been returning your messages or replying to your emails.

4. She is not sweet anymore. She doesn’t return your “I love yous” to her. There is now the absence of sweet talk/sweet nothings.

5. She is now distant even to your family and friends. Cheaters feel guilty. This is the reason why your girlfriend starts to avoid your family and friends. This is her way of coping from guilt.

6. There is an increased frequency of nagging, even if there is no reason at all. This is a way of covering her tracks. She may demand a lot to keep your mind busy so you won’t think you’re on to her.

7. She becomes secretive of her schedule. She doesn’t want you to know what she’s up to.

8. She answers her phone calls in an unusual manner. She may answer in a different tone of voice or may hang up the phone immediately.

9. She hides her personal gadgets from you, like her laptop and mobile phone. She starts letting you know to stay away from her personal belongings. She instantly deletes her phone messages and all the calls that come in and out of her mobile phone.

10. She has a different overall attitude. She is not the same person you fell in love with.

Despite all these signs, it is advisable to not be immediately judgmental. These signs are just a guideline to help you detect if your girlfriend is cheating on you or not. You must still collect evidences and look for witnesses before you start throwing accusations. It is still smarter to mend a relationship that’s on the rocks. Remember, love is best experienced by two people who have mutual feelings for each other.

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It is a well-known fact that there is a huge number of users across the globe enjoying the benefits of online dating. This has led to a regularly increasing number of people eager to experience the world of online dating.

Online dating has its pros and cons. You are definitely not 100% guaranteed to have a safe online dating experience because one reason is you are not sure of the intentions of the other individual interested in you. There are also the same risks as with traditional dating, but there are ways around it so you could have a relatively safe and controlled online dating experience.

Refrain from putting too much personal information in your profile.

You may be tempted to meet him anyway because you feel that the person you’re chatting with is the nicest and most harmless person you’ve ever known. However, the truth is you don’t know him totally to trust him fully. This is the reason why it takes time for you to get to know the person you are having a series of conversations with. You should find time to check how truthful and sincere the person is.

Avoid putting false profile information.

There are a lot of people who upload photos that misrepresent themselves. How can you foster honesty and sincerity if you can’t even be honest to yourself?

Use separate email addresses for each online dating site you use.

This keeps your personal email address private. If you feel that the individual you have been in contact with for sometime is starting to be deceitful, you can have an easy way out by severing this line of communication from him.

It is just simply smart to stay away from certain people at online dating sites.

If there are people who want to meet you in person at the soonest possible time, persuade you to share intimate personal information immediately, give you inconsistent information, and are unresponsive or unclear in their responses to your queries, it is best to stay away from them.

Lastly, when in doubt, it is always smart to not respond if there are undesirable people trying to get in contact with you. You can always report the undesirables to the online dating site’s administrator immediately. Be smart and have a wonderful online dating experience.

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Online dating has been hot over the years since its inception. However, there are still critics everywhere, griping about the negative aspects of online dating. They say that it’s not safe, it’s very ineffective, and it doesn’t foster a serious kind of relationship. It cannot be denied that there may be some truth to this, but it is definitely much safer to go online dating than meeting strangers at the bar. As a matter of fact, there are proven ways on how to effectively connect with people online. These ways serve as invaluable guidelines to follow and the process can help nurture a mature and serious type of online relationship.

Online dating is truly a safe environment mainly because trusted online dating sites have a strict screening process. Most dating sites follow the golden rule of not disclosing your personal information unless it is specified by the individual. Each individual undergoes a tight screening process that touches on the many areas of his/her history. There are some sites that go the extreme. They actually conduct a complete background check of participating individuals. So if safety is your main concern, there is no reason to worry.

It might surprise a lot of people if they find out that online dating is truly an effective endeavor. Ask yourself this: if you are having a conversation in a restaurant or a bar with someone you are interested in, how long does it take you to know basic personal information about him/her? You would want to know a few things like religious insights and things you have in common which can define the relationship you are trying to get into. It may take some time for others to get to know these things. But with online dating, all this information is readily available in a few clicks of a button.

Online dating is considered to be a faster way for people to connect. You won’t have to waste time and effort to find out the answers to the most common dating questions, trying to find out your compatibility. This is the reason why online dating is more effective than trying to meet someone at the bar. The activity can encourage mature, long-term relationships and discourage shallow, one-night stands.

There is no question that everyone wants a mature kind of relationship, but they have no idea where to start. This is the reason why online dating can be a helpful and effective way to go because it facilitates and equips you with the proper tools for anyone who is looking for a serious relationship but don’t know exactly where to begin. There are several helpful articles and proven tips that can point you to the right direction of successful online dating.

If you are really interested to dive into the world of online dating, the first thing you have to do is look for a good online dating site. The site will be able to guide you through an effective process in finding your ideal mate. Just provide them with the right kind of information and the best photo you have, and you’re ready to go.

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Online dating has had a pretty negative stigma since its early inception. Since lot of people have now been spending most of their time in front of a PC, it is only logical that we might as well multi-task and make use of this time to meet someone online. Whether you’ve given it a go before and got burned, had mixed results, or an online dating virgin, there has never been a better time to give it a shot than right now.

There are quite a number of popular dating sites that have been operating since online dating began. There are the traditional sites which have now opened its doors to same-sex matching, and then there are special sites suited for specific demographics like wealthy individuals, rural dwellers, and even sci-fi geeks. Who knows? You just might snag that perfect summer date. If you are still shy as a scaredy-cat, try to take on a few Q & As we’ve listed to help you create your online dating profile that get real results.

What are the common apprehensions and fears of people during the first 30 days of online dating?

They usually say that it “means something about them” when they go online to find love/romance/a partner/sex. They have this certain fear of not finding anyone “like them,” and if anybody they know finds out, it will be embarrassing. Many people switch to online dating after they’ve tried the traditional approach of meeting singles, and enter the world of online dating a bit frustrated, wanting a magic bullet to hit them.

What are the general feelings and emotions connected to the first 30 days of posting a profile on an online dating site?

There is loads of expectation, anxiety, excitement, frustration, confusion, fear and elation. The whole experience really goes through a lot of emotions; the whole gamut. There is so much that depends on your profile as a whole, including your photo. The challenge is marketing yourself in a unique manner so you can stand out from the rest of the pack and attract individuals who will respond to your profile. It is normal to transition from different emotions in the first 30 days, depending on the expectations you bring to this experience.

What are the common mistakes people make in posting their profiles?

The most common are using old photos, bad photos, and photos that don’t really represent you. There are other things like writing boring profiles which don’t help you at all in setting you apart from the crowd so you could provide a hook to catch the partner you are looking for.

Individuals invest a lot of their time in creating a desirable virtual relationship, only to meet somebody later on and be disappointed. The important thing about online dating is not having too many expectations. People should just relax and enjoy the whole experience ‘cause you’ll never know who you might hit it off.

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So you’re in a relationship and everything is great, even the sex…but let’s face it, after a while, even a lot of a good thing gets old. Here are some sex advice to spice it up. You have one of two choices: remain unsatisfied or doing something about it. Since obviously you want to fix the situation you have again, two choices: going behind your girlfriend’s back to have occasional sexcapades or convincing her to agree to an open relationship where you can both have sex with other people…key word being both, not just you.

Finding a woman who will be keen to this idea of an open relationship is quite difficult…but in all honesty, it has more to do with the fact that they haven’t been correctly sold on the idea, rather than it not being something they could get into. If you’re going to be a salesman here, make sure you know your product and the benefits it can reap for her; ’cause if you focus on what you’re going to get out of it, it’s just not going to happen!

Most women think that sex leads to love and thus they’ll be hesitant about you sleeping with other women because in their head, you screwed, fell in love and left her out to die, all in one date! So make sure that reassurance in the fact that your relationship with her is the top priority, is an important part of the plan. If she views this as an extra and not as something that can jeopardize her present state, your chances increase significantly.

It’s all about planting the idea in her head by exposing her to movies, outings and situations where she can experience or witness what bringing a third party, for pure sexual pleasure, would be like. Some ideas include renting tasteful porn to watch together or hitting a swingers club where she can see it’s all about sex and you leave the emotions at the door.

If you word it right, you can do this and add excitement to your current relationship.

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Dear Doctor Sexalewitz:
I am 20 and still a virgin. It might not seem like an odd thing to you, but believe me when I say, to me it feels like I’m an old maiden. It seems like people around me have been having sex for so long, it’s a real miracle I haven’t get a laid myself. I consider myself to be a woman of an average beauty and have no problems getting dates…it’s just that when things get to that point, I always walk away somehow or simply don’t let it get that far….needless to say my relationships haven’t been fruitful because of this, I’m guessing. Anyhow, I feel I’m ready now… and since I’ll most certainly suck at it because of my inexperience I want it to be a one-night stand thing. So, how do I go about getting myself one of those?

Dear Reader:
Kuddos on not having fallen prey to sexual peer pressure in the past…it takes a big person to achieve that in this day and age. You don’t really go into your reasons for having remained a virgin but I’m guessing they must be important to you if you’ve held on for this long… may I comment here, on the fact that I don’t feel 20 is an odd age to still be a virgin .

Anyhow, whatever made you wait this long I’m sure is still important and therefore you shouldn’t just dismiss it altogether simply because you feel you are ready today. In other words, I don’t think a stranger should be the one to pop your cherry. Fortunately, you are a woman and as such, it’s more acceptable for you to let the man take the lead, especially if you let him know what your situation is, and not seem like you suck at it.

I say wait ‘til you meet a guy you like…. He doesn’t have to be relationship material necessarily, but at least let it be someone you share something with, other than an itch down there!! If you’re set on it being a stranger just go to a club and sit there…I assure you somebody will approach you with sex in mind. But I rather suggest you try out online dating or speed dating or the real dating to get your first. Hookup for sex is easy. But hookup for a relationship with sex is different. Remember protection and have fun!

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Dear Doctor:
I’m in a relationship and although we have our ups and downs as far as our relationship, in general, sex has always been good between us. It’s never really been an issue; we both feel comfortable and have orgasms during our encounters. Nevertheless, the last 3 times I’ve had sex I have just felt like sensitivity down there has been diminished and I don’t really feel as much and therefore can’t have orgasms. The more I try to have one, the less I can, the more stressed out I get, and the less I enjoy sex. What the hell is wrong with me? Please give me sex and relationship advice.

Dear Reader:
Many women experience difficulties to have orgasms, in fact, you are one of a lucky few who have them on a regular basis. If you’ve never had issues before and you do now, something is definitely up. The cause can be very simple or it might be a more elaborate occurrence which requires you find professional help. Let’s try and look at some common situations which might be the cause of the problem.

As a general rule, women have a much clearer tie to their emotions than men do. This is why a guy could be pissed and still have sex with the object of his anger…for women, on the other hand, this is quite difficult. If they don’t feel in a comfort zone, emotionally speaking, chances are their sex life will suffer for it. They might engage in the act, but their mind will be elsewhere, thus interfering with the pleasure of the experience. Might this be your case? That there’s some unsettled business between you and your guy?

Maybe what’s on your mind has nothing to do with your partners in sex, but rather with other stressful aspects of your life such as family, work, health, etc. Stress is one of the main causes of disfunctional sexual behavior in adults.

If none of these are the case, then maybe it’s a good idea to get a checkup from your OBGyn to know that everything down there is working properly and in perfect health. Also be aware of any medications you might be taking, such as antidepressants which diminish sexual response.

Whatever the cause, it’s best to take it in stride and not get too worked up about it, ’cause that will only contribute to the problem. Surely, you’ll resolve it soon.

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One of our lovely readers asks:
Doctor, I am recently single, after 10 years of marriage, and 3 years of courtship before that. I have been lucky enough to immediately found love in one of my coworkers. I’d thought my friends would be happy for me, but I’ve gotten more “bewares” than I care for. I think they’re just jealous that I’ve found new love so quickly. What do you think? Please give me new relationship advice.

Dear reader:
Thirteen years is a long time to be in a relationship. Whatever the circumstances of your divorce, from the moment your husband set foot out of your home, it should have been important for you to close that chapter in your life thoroughly…and that my dear, takes time. There is no recipe, no specific amount of days you need to wait, but it seems to me like you have rushed into that new relationship; and that’s probably why your friends are so apprehensive about this.

Often, an unhappy marriage leaves you feeling uncared for. When you suddenly find the attention you’ve been longing for, for so long, it’s inevitable to feel totally dazzled by it. This feeling of novelty can very easily be mistaken for love…you wouldn’t be the first or last person in the world to make this mistake.

Only time will tell if your feelings are true or if you’re just on the rebound. For now, all I can advise is to try and take things slowly and not make any important decisions concerning your new lover (example: moving in together, marriage, etc). Just try to enjoy the new found attention to heal your past wounds.

As for your friends, don’t be too harsh on them. It seems like they only have your best interest in mind…and true friends will speak their mind if they think you’re messing up. Those who stand by and watch you fail miserably, don’t deserve to be called friends.

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Dear Doctor Sexalewitz:
I am a young, single woman whose life is really suffering from shyness. Social situations seem so difficult for me and nobody really seems to understand. I come from a family where we’re all pretty much the same in that sense and it was never a problem. but now that I’m on my own and in another city, some friends have even suggested that I look for help and I feel offended!! Is there something wrong with me?

Dear Reader:
You don’t give much information regarding specific situations so I can have a better understanding of where you stand, but read on for a brief description of when shyness becomes something else… hope it helps!

Social anxiety disorder is a disruptive condition in which sufferers are overly concerned with public scrutiny. Numbers show that approximately 5.3 million Americans suffer from it in any given year. Sufferers of this disorder experience extreme worry about embarrassing themselves in front of others. Simply being around others can make them uncomfortable. If their fears become so impairing that they can’t talk on the phone, sign a check in front of a salesclear, use a public restroom, or they find dating or going to parties difficult and mostly avoid these situations, they have developed social phobia. Social anxiety disorder frequently runs in families and occurs more often in women than men. It also tends to being in childhood or early adolescence and commonly afflicts primarly fearful or shy individuals – although a person can be shy without being clinically socially anxious.

Shyness, on the other hand, is considered a normal and prevalent personality trait, a tendency towards fearfulness that’s influenced by genetics. It occurs naturally.

Studies show that the shy and those with social anxiety disorders can experience similar physical responses in social situations, but the degree of discomfort determines the diagnosis. If you have doubts about where you fit, consult a professional.

If you want a relationship and is really shy, try online dating web site,. You’ve got to know people without even seeing them at first. And when you are already going good with them, then this is the time to meet up and you will not be shy because you already know something about them.

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Dear Doctor Sexalewitz:
I’ve been in a relationship for some years now and although it hasn’t always been easy, sex has never really been an issue between us. Maybe we don’t get as much of it as we believe we should, but when we hook up for sex, it’s good. I easily have orgasms and the only moments of my life where I have experienced difficulty to orgasm are when I’ve been taking antidepressants. Lately I find that my sensation down there has been greatly reduced and I’m having a very hard time having an orgasm or altogether just telling my partner he should come because I can’t. He doesn’t seem to have noticed a difference but I’m starting to get concerned. What should I do?

Dear Reader:
What you are experiencing is referred to as decreased sexual response and it includes symptoms such as: reduced or complete lack of desire for sex, reduced or total absence of sensation in the genitals, permanent or incidental orgasm disorders and vaginal dryness, which in turn results in discomfort during sex. From your information it seems to me like you’ve experienced such symptoms in the past while taking antidepressants but you are not taking them at the moment. Let me tell you that stress and depression on their own, without the meds, can cause similar problems as well. Could it be that you are relapsing? You might want to speak to your health provider about your concern.

The good news is that if you’ve consistently had the ability to orgasm in the past, then it’s just a matter of correcting what ails you at the moment to get you back on track since there is no physical disfunction in that sense. Do look for help so you can quickly go back to enjoying sex with partner.

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