There are 54 million singles in the United States. 8.8 million had try online dating. Learn more statistics and facts about online dating as CitySex brings you our own Online Dating Statistics Infographic. Enjoy and Spread the word!
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Spending quality “alone” time with your man is easy, but going public with him is a different thing entirely. Whether it’s dining with your bizarre relatives during Thanksgiving or having awkward conversations with your superiors at the company Christmas party, you can hit a lot of possible snags. Here are a few hookup dating tips on how to make him a great grand entrance into your social life.

• Don’t leave your hookup dating partner

This is the “don’t” that trumps all others, yet it happens often. “What happens is sometimes he gets so thrilled to see somebody that he forgets I’m with him. Regardless if it’s a company party, a family shindig or a gathering of friends, it’s your responsibility to make introductions if he doesn’t know anyone.

• Stop trying to change him

Your boyfriend may not share the same party personality as yours, but that’s alright. Over time, you will realize it’s much better to let him be himself rather than wanting him to be like you.

• Find other people for him to talk to

Another good thing to do is to find people with similar interests with your man and hook them up. It’s all about planning and being proactive to make sure your hookup dating partner is comfortable. It’s kind of a win-win set up anyway: It takes the pressure off you, and he can meet new friends too.

• Don’t force him to go if he doesn’t want to

Your boyfriend may have had a horrible day at work. So instead of waiting for him to tell you he’s not up to going to that dinner party, you might want to let him know it’s alright if he doesn’t go. If he isn’t in the mood to go out partying, hookup dating tips take a friend with you instead.

• Leave your fights at home

Resolve your arguments at home before you leave for your party to avoid any public squabbles. Otherwise, nobody’s going to enjoy that party—not you, not him, and definitely not the poor party people in attendance that can get trapped in the middle.

• Keep positive conversation flowing

Try to avoid negative comments or gossip, because this may set an awkward mood for you and your hookup dating partner in that situation. It’s better to talk about your favorite cooking show on the food channel than that coworker you dislike.
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One of the great joys of being young kids was singing popular Christmas carols and replacing the lyrics with silly and dirty words. A lot of holiday seasons have already gone by, and as we’ve grown into adults—or lustful man children, as the case may be—I still play this game with my buddies, but with Christmas lists and activities that are more than a little dirty. Here is our City Sex X-rated Xmas list:

• Leave my computer alone

Our City Sex list may start off as imperative, but we’re serious—stay away from our computers. We deserve a fantasy life and we demand privacy. If we’ve taken extra precautions to hide our porn from you, please appreciate that fact and stop digging for it. You wouldn’t like what you’ll see anyway.

• Blowjob

Guys are so predictable, I know, but the key here is found on its unpredictability. We want it when we least expect it. I may be doing the dishes, watching TV or brushing my teeth, it doesn’t matter. I’d love it if she just dropped on her knees and give it to me right on the spot.

• Fetish night

This is the night when our fantasies become realities, just like Christmas, but with sex. People have trouble revealing their sex quirks, especially early on in a relationship. It’s completely understandable. “I want you to tie me up the bed post blindfolded and tickle me with a feather” is not that easy to say to a new boyfriend. What you can do is get a jar and put in written notes of your sexiest fantasies. If you or your partner feels a little extra frisky, get one from the Naughty Jar. It’s going to be pretty exciting, and trying something new is the only worst thing that could city sex happen.

• Clean sheets

All guys may have to agree on this: It’s nice to hop on a bed with fresh clean sheets. It makes us men more up for having sex.

• Morning handjob

You see, a morning blowjob can involve a lot of work, so why not start the morning with something simpler, the “bacon and eggs” of morning sex—the handjob. Men like handjobs while doing normal, everyday things like watching football game. That would be ideal. Like, “I will now take that yoga class with you” ideal.
In having an adult dating partner, sex is almost a guarantee. However, what is not guaranteed is if she would want to do it as frequently or with the same passion and intensity as you. Here are a few tips on navigating through the highs, lows and middles of you and your adult dating partner’s first year of getting it on.

• Three Weeks: Turn to the Dark Side

After a bit of getting-to-know-you bouts on the bed, you’re probably aching to up the ante from PG-13 to a few numbers of Xs. Try taking it one X at a time by first going for just one of your erotic moves from your large arsenal of “sexual ammo,” and ask her nicely if she’s up for it. You might be surprised to find out she also has a freaky side, so you may be doing her a favor by unleashing this part of her.

• Three Months: Crash the Pajama Party

There will come a point when sleeping together will really mean, well, sleeping. Conquer your sex life blues by imposing a sex everyday policy. When none of you are in the mood to do it, you can turn things around by teasing each other mercilessly. You’ll be surprised on the number of erogenous zones you will discover.

• Six Months: Fight Dirty, Apologize Dirtier

You first fight comes with a nice silver lining: awesome make-up sex!

However, most chicks require some slick maneuvering on your part to get from livid to horny. Here’s the bad news: lust means always having to say you’re sorry.

However, guys who are specially gifted in B.S. can pull this off without even pleading guilty. Sweet talking and knowing how to push the right buttons can have her melt away and let you proceed to the bedroom.

• Nine Months: Get Your Flirt On

By this time you know your girl’s girlfriends, especially the hot one. This goes the same with your girl and your guy friends. At this point wandering eyes and jealousies may start to develop, but resist jumping ship. These harmless little attractions can be used to your advantage by serving as a personal stimulus package.

• One Year: We Made It! Let’s Do It!

Congratulations! It’s time for a nice first anniversary gift: a weekend hotel sexathon! Now, she may be the type who wants to plan this in advance, or you might do better by warming her up the night before, getting her so lustful that she’ll agree to anything that won’t land her in a Turkish prison.
Dating means a lot of things to a variety of people. There is what my 82-year old grandma calls traditional dating, which involves courting, and there is the more modern version of it—perhaps a couple of dinner dates, but mostly hanging out at a bar or somebody’s house until the, uh, awesome stuff happens. Regardless of what school of thought you are from with regards to dating, the tell tale signs that things are going good or bad are still the same. You don’t need to be an expert to recognize these signs because what you need are just your eyes and a bit of common sense. Here’s a refresher course to figure out how to get laid tonight.

1. Little to no awkward pauses

When you say someone has a “good personality,” it’s code for “not much of a looker.” This corollary is pretty funny, but this doesn’t alter the fact that for you to be continuously interested in someone, they have to come off as interesting. Long pauses leading to dull moments don’t usually lead to that. These pauses leave a lot of time to dig around your head. That, my friends, is bad news. The only drawn out silence that is acceptable when out on a date is when you listen to your partner and vice versa. However, if the silence outweighs the chitchat, then you have a problem.

2. Consistency in silencing the phone

This goes together with the whole being interesting thing. If you got your date on the edge of her seat, phone calls, text messages, and what not get set aside. Spending too much time using your phone is generally the first sign that you’re losing someone. Unless you are dealing with matters of extreme urgency, a good date requires very minimal phone interruption.

3. Flex scheduling

You have to pay close attention on this one. Dinner is winding down or the bar has made its last call, then the question comes up: What are you doing now? The exchange can go two ways:

• Your date: I have to work early/pick up a friend/recharge the batteries on my vibrator/check my favorite porn sites for new videos. • Your date: Nothing right now really… Wanna do something?

It’s quite obvious which one you should go for, yes? You basically make a decent enough impression so your date will not think of you as a disgraceful douchebag.

4. Mind the malt level

If you managed to get past the critical third sign, it’s the right time to be wary and keep a look out. It’s all about knowing how to read the signs and how hard someone’s booze is, which are things that should not be overlooked. Would you believe that people tend to slam drinks just to ease the awkwardness? Anyway, if the drink is getting nursed, this may mean that things are either going so-so or smoothly. If you’re interested in someone, where’s the fun in being a heaping pile of drunkenness alone? You got that right. It’s no fun at all. So, drink accordingly.

5. “Wanna bang?”

Being tactful and profound is good, but nothing is better than not beating around the bush. Clearly, if you think you are about to get laid tonight, you did something right with someone who knows what they want.
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You don’t think your wheels will change the course of your adult dating life, do you? When it comes to adult dating, your ride is at par with what you say and do, and the size of your beer belly and where you spend your summer. Of course, you are not what you drive. But for impressing those without the depth of character to be aware of this, here is a short guide.

• Dodge Caravan – A lot of girls go for guys who don’t give a shit of what other people think. However, there is such a thing as caring too little, and this sexless ride exudes that. Use with extreme caution.

• Chevrolet Aveo – Frugality is in, and the Aveo is cheap to purchase plus great on gas mileage. However, if you’re already planning on going Dutch, this ride is not for you. Girls who are into obsessive cheapskates may be an endangered species.

• Volkswagen Eos – Women can dig ragtop convertibles, but just like the Mazda Miata, the VW Eos just might be a little to feminine for her. Remember to remove all your copies of Cosmo in the back seat, or the Eos’ folding roof is the only top that gets removed tonight.

• Volvo 245 DL – Stick a couple of Martha’s Vineyard bumper stickers on the rear or maybe an East Hampton dump sticker on the rear window of one of these timeless wagons and you’ll be adult dating Upper East Side prep-school girls in no time.

• Land Rover Series IIA – Crude and ancient, the Land Rover’s austere interior may be a tough sell as you both bounce under its safari roof when hitting bumps on the road, but you can always amuse her with stories on how you were almost eaten alive by a lion in Africa and how couldn’t part with the Land Rover that saved your life.

• Porsche 911 – The gentleman’s sports car with just a fraction of vulgarity of a Lambo or Ferrari, and the older the better. The Ersatz backseats give her a place to stash that Hermes Birkin while managing over steer situations should keep your eyes on the road where they belong.

• Zimmer Golden Spirit – This classic decorative masterpiece is strongly recommended for those who wear fur coats and use Iye to straighten their hair. When done right, expect to have pulled off an authentic concubine by daybreak.

• Dodge Challenger – There will always be a group of females partial to American muscle cars. But if you want to cast the net a little wider, the excessive macho-ness of its kind is offset by the stylish new Challenger. If it has to be a muscle car, this is what you’re looking for.
There are people out there who would think that after the first date it’s going to be quite serious. They sometimes think that once they have gone beyond the first date, they have found someone they really want to be with. This is quite tragic, since there are people who often give someone only one date to show them who they are.

When you are on the stage of casual dating or casual relationships, it allows you to get to know the person even more. Even if you just have a casual relationship without sex, you are spending time with one another to see if you two will fit. There are certain rules and guidelines that tend to dictate casual dating. Here, we compiled the major rules and understandings of casual dating relationships.

Not Official Getting to know each other means you just have to be cool and not act as if you guys are official. Getting to know each other doesn’t really mean you are officially committed to one another and not officially dating.

Take everything in stride and realize that both of you are simply trying to feel each other out.

Exclusivity You should know where you stand in this casual relationships thing. Exclusivity is probably the most confusing part of this. There are those who think that people who are casually dating should not see other people while there are those who are fine with seeing multiple people at one time. The most important thing for you to do is to be on the same page as the other person in the casual dating relationship. If you feel that you have been “casually dating” for a longer period of time you can bring the situation up. They may not agree with what you want to do, but will help you to understand where you are both at in the “casual dating” relationship.

Meeting the Friends Sometimes you may still feel that you are in the “hang-out” stage, the part where you are working to impress the person you are interested in and have nothing to worry about. Most individuals will actually introduce the person they are talking to to meet the friends at this time. Even if you are just casually dating, you also need to impress the friends.

Hopefully your casual relationships with people will be nothing but light and easy. You don’t have to worry about things and just let things go with the flow.
We surveyed a community of daters and asked them questions about dating, sex and relationship advice to find out what first date hookup behavior kills any chance of going out on a second date. Here are a few first date hookup mistakes and how to fix them:

• DON’T be arrogant. Women hate it when men brag about how hot all the girls they date on a regular basis, or how rich he is. It’s a total turn off! That kind of arrogance is completely transparent, so shut it before you attempt to convince your date how much of a stud you are.

• DO talk yourself up. Credit should be given to where it is due. Graciously accept compliments and humbly talk about your achievements. However, make sure you give your date the same attention and chance to talk about herself.

• DON’T forget your manners. Women hate guys with no table manners. One member once went out on a date hookup with a guy that ate off her plate, and even drank her drink. Everyone has their own comfort level on sharing food during a first date, so err on the side of caution—at least ask before you take a spoonful off her plate or a sip from her drink.

• DO relax. Yes, manners are very important. But if you unintentionally spill your drink or find yourself with something stuck between your teeth, do not overreact and make a big deal out of it. Always remember that dating should be fun, and there’s nothing more of a buzz killer than having to always reassure your date that it’s not a big deal, and don’t be embarrassed all throughout the date.

• DON’T be too aggressive. If you can’t gauge how she’s into you, don’t throw caution to the wind and go all out. In giving a goodbye kiss, keep your slithering tongue and your wandering hand in check until you can assess your date’s reaction.

• DO show you are interested if you really are. You wouldn’t want to come on too strong, but you do want to let your date know you are into him, so don’t keep him guessing. If you would like to go out on a second date, just say so.

• DON’T talk about your ex. This is one of the cardinal rules when going out on a first date. It simply show’s you’re not over your ex. Telling nasty things about an ex can be a killer. If he can say that about his ex, he can say the same about his potential partner.

• DO keep it real. Always be yourself; plain and simple. You’d be surprised with the results.
If you are into adult social network dating or casual dating then you must understand that it just isn’t about sex. Alright, it’s more about sex but the thing is you need to work on your hook-up skills before you actually land yourself to the mother ship. Adult social network dating just like everything else in life can give you more of it if you actually put more to it. Casual dating sex? Doesn’t sound so bad now does it? The tricks are actually getting your hookups getting hotter and hotter and avoid becoming burned out. Of course we want to avoid being the person who calls phone sex hotlines.

People have a lot of options these days and they won’t stay for long if they are not having a good time. It doesn’t even matter what kind of relationship they want, if they’re having a great time, they’re gone. We all know that when you are hooking up with someone, they are there because they wish to be there and they want you. The thing is to actually keep them wanting for more so understand that it’s your job to ensure that they can expect something better.

A good example to follow is to tease the other person. If you guys always hookup on the weekends then why don’t you send the other person some naughty messages during the work week just to excite you casual dating partner and want you. You don’t want the excitement to die, you want the fire to keep on burning. A few flirty messages before hooking-up would be great. You can send it to her/his email or send her/his a message on that adult social network site where you met if you don’t have her/his number but if you do, it’s better to leave a voice message or a text message to peak her/his interest.

Aside from messages, perhaps you can even send a photo that will surely arouse the heat in her/him. Something that will surprise her/him for the weekend would be good. Don’t forget that you just want to be simple and not harass her/him in such a way that you’re sending hundreds of flirt messages. One or two should be enough over the week. This will definitely make her/him excited and would want to see you soon.

Adult social network hook-up has a skill that should be practiced to be better at.
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From terrible spelling to dubious online adult dating profile photos, there are quite a number of things that can cause us to raise an eyebrow and proceed with caution. However, there are a few telltale signs that will make you click the “x” button faster than you can say weirdo. We conducted a survey to find out what the online adult dating profile mistakes that make them run away in the other direction.

• Looking sex-crazed

When you come across a guy’s profile that stresses his enjoyment of intimacy, what they mean, but don’t have the balls to say, is they want sex. Wanting sex is not new, so don’t get your panties in a bunch thinking you won’t get laid if you don’t pepper your online adult dating profile with sexual innuendos. Suggestive jokes can be funny once you get to know a person. But when delivered even before your first email exchange, it comes off as creepy and desperate.

• Cliché statements

Statements like, “I love long walks on the beach” and “I like hitting the theaters” are red flags. What kind of normal person doesn’t like going to the movies? There are loads of nice enough, regular people out there, but this is not enough to nab you a date. You are not required to be a pilot or say you’ve been to fascinating places around the world to stand out from the rest. You just have to be specific. Instead of saying you love to read books, talk about your favorite author. Instead of saying you like watching suspense thrillers, open up and let them know about your guilty pleasure TV show. It won’t matter if you don’t share hobbies with your potential partner, you will still seem interesting.

• Claims of being young at heart

If a profile says, “I have the heart and spirit of a sixteen year old,” run for the hills. This screams Peter Pan syndrome in so many ways. It’s alright to show your childish and silly side without posting direct statements about your mental age. It’s a clear sign you don’t have your life together and would be a disaster to go out with.

• The absence of solo pictures

Pictures with people who are way more attractive standing alongside you is a big no-no for some. Would you rather send a more qualified friend’s resume along with yours to a potential employer? I don’t think so. Remember, you are advertising yourself, not your friend.