480957617 34cf58aeb2 300x199 Awesome Things You Could Do With Your Boobs to Hookup with Guys You may have let your breasts hang all out when you tuck yourself in at night, but you’re certainly missing out if that’s the only time. Enjoying your boobs helps you feel confident about your own body because you totally appreciate who you are and what you have.

What’s more, it completely boosts your confidence in bed when you hook up with guys, making you orgasm more frequently. Who can argue with that logic? And to help you maximize those gorgeous assets, we give you a wonderful short list of great ideas.
  •  Go braless and wear a silk or combed cotton shirt. The fabric is going to feel nice brushing against your skin all day.
  •  When you’re lounging with your man on the couch, watching a DVD movie or reading, gently guide his hand under your bra and have him lightly stroke your boobs with his fingertips.
  •  For a stimulating sensation the next time you hook up with guys under the sheets, have them try this technique with his hands: Make a V sign with his index and middle fingers, and gently have him do a scissor cutting motion around your nipples.
  •  Feeling too hot at the beach? Take an ice cube from your drink and glide it all over your cleavage.
  •  This handy trick can help your breasts look sexier: Under an overhead light, stand in front of a mirror and apply bronzer over the dark areas of your breasts. Deeper shadows give a fuller impression of your boobage.
  •  Treat your girls to a sensual massage. Apply lotion on both, and employ a circular motion with medium pressure. Rub the base of your breasts up along the outer area, stopping just below your armpits. Place your hand on your breastbone, and then work your way across your chest towards the sides of your body.
  •  While giving you a deep kiss, have him trace a figure eight going around both nipples.
  •  Apply edible lotion to your twins, like Berry Passion by Victoria’s Secret, and give your man a delectable surprise the next time his lips are in the immediate vicinity.
  •  Challenge him to unhook your bra without using his hands.
  •  Cook pasta topless, and then add a little sauce to your nipple, making sure it’s not too hot, and then ask him if it tastes just right.
  •  Use those bouncing orbs to give your man a sexy back rub. Make sure you go crazy with the massage oil.
  •  Relax completely and just let yourself loose. Ditch your top at the gym or sauna, and just close your eyes.

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