Are you in a need to land yourself a sugarmama? Of course you do, sugarmama are the best casual sex partners out there. They give you sex and lots of money, they are still hot even if they are old and most of them cant get pregnant already.

If you just found yourself a sugarmama and you are on your first date then dont make huge mistakes that most men do when they lack originality on to suggesting first date ideas that are so traditional. Find out her tastes and interests in the initial conversations and make mental notes along the way to help you come up with an innovative first date. This is the moment to shine and impress her with what you have to offer. Obviously, its not money and so it is important that you take the focus off the monetary things and place your value on what is tangible.

One relationship advice is to get her to talk about herself and interests whenever she gets the chance, you have to give it to her. Engage her with interesting and thoughtful conversations in order to make a lasting impression and also to secure a second date. Always remember that the first date will dictate any future opportunities or close all doors.

On your relationship once you have landed her, shes going to want to be in control of most things. Remember that she has the dough and that shes used to owning things, expect a rather possessive personality from her but never let yourself become an object of possession of her. You may have to give up some control but you should never give up entirely. You need to take in some pride in order to make her happy. If she buys something then wear it and if she buys you food then eat it, no other way to that. She may even expect that you look a certain way or keep up a certain image, do not be emasculated on losing some powers over her or over your clothes and even some of your activities because you will be well compensated.

Throughout the day, you should seduce her mind and keep the sexy thoughts coming. You should constantly make her feel special, as if she is the only somebody that matters. Though we talked about letting her take control, in the bedroom its a different scene. Dominate her and you will get what you want. Casual Sex partners like sugar mama love it if the men take control in bed. They feel so special. 

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