New York adult dating is always an adventure. You never know if a particular night out will turn into a catastrophe, a one hell of a sex night or a sudden destiny of true love. In short, to date in new York is like a roller coaster ride. It would be nice if we New York daters will have some sort of an expert guide about the dating rules in New York and what not to do. Fortunately, I’ve met some relationship experts yesterday and beg them (literary) to share some tips on how to find love or how to have a good New York adult dating experience. Read on and learn.

The hardest part of New York Adult Dating
Expert 1 says: I have to say that New York City is harder for women. There are 200,000 more single women than single men in the Big Apple, so men are kings here, they can actually date two or more women if they like. And also I will be the first one to admit that most NYC men have a little bit of an entitlement issue when it comes to women, even if they are dating many themselves. Also their mentality is such that if the woman they are on a date with isn’t giving them exactly what they want, they have no problem ending the date abruptly and moving on to the next woman, who they believe is around the corner waiting in desperation to go out with them. Plus, many times these men are in absolutely no hurry to commit to one woman. Well, why should they be? They have way too many options with all of the single women out there more than willing to go out with them. A lot of women in New York start to compromise what they really want in a man just to have a dating life. The best way for a woman to date in New York City is to keep it casual and make sure that any man interested in her understands that she is dating other guys.

Best places to meet great guys in New York
Expert 2 says: I recommend uncontrived environments: Central Park dog runs, Whole Foods and running clubs. Charity events and volunteer groups are also great. Chelsea Piers and Harry’s Cafe on Wall Street are also very great places to date.

Best places to meet great women in New York
Expert 2 says: I like the fashion district and the West Village, as well as the cosmetic departments in the three B’s: Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys.

Common New York adult dating mistakes
Expert 3 says: Guys make these mistakes: They do not follow through, They ask questions about a woman’s romantic past, They have lost the ability to be chivalrous, They do not communicate well, They can be emotionally unavailable and are always busy. Girls make these mistakes: They call guys first, They sleep with men too soon, They ask the guy to define the relationship, They are too available, They allow everything to be on the man’s terms

As a long time New Yorker, I still cant find a word to best describe the New York adult dating scene. I’ve been through many ups and down in New York and I can say that there is nothing more horrifying and magical than dating in New York City. It is like a roller coaster ride. One time you are both truly in love, other times, it’s just a freaking hookup session. So for all you New York adult dating people out there, here are the pros and cons of dating in New York.

Pros of New York Adult Dating

It really is magical. The stereotype is true – New Yorkers don’t know how to slow the fuck down. We most fast, multitask everything, and we can do this all on autopilot without absorbing anything that goes on around us. But when we’re on a date with someone we like, we’re different. We suddenly become aware of hidden Dim Sum restaurants and alleyways we’re certain didn’t exist until five minutes ago. When you’re with someone new in New York, it feels like you’re seeing everything for the first time. In some ways, you are.

A good date doesn’t have a price tag on it. New Yorkers doesn’t care how cheap or how expensive their dates are. What’s important is they’ve enjoy it. Gone are the days of expensice restaurant dating. Ride the free Staten Island Ferry, eat franks along the way, get booze later and have the happiest time of your life.

There are tons of options. There are just a lot of young, single people in New York. They all belong to one dating website or another, they’re out every night of the week, they’re going to the gym, and they’re sauntering up to you while you’re trying to get the bartender’s attention.

Cab rides. There is nothing like making out in the back of a yellow cab. Nothing. And New York is known for doing this hookup.

Cons of New York Adult Dating

Everyone knows everyone. New York is like a fucking college campus, down to catching your friend on her bi-weekly walk of shame while you’re on your way to work. You can hit it off with someone who seemed like they moved to New York for you; just to be charming and interesting with a side of mind-blowing sex, but when you finally look them up on Facebook the reality is much bleaker than that. You have 13 mutual friends – the guy who broke your heart, your cousin Mickey, the girl who interned with you in 2007, your next-door neighbor, it just doesn’t end.

Buyer’s Remorse. Sometimes we get in a slump and date the first person that seems like they’re interested – and then, perhaps around Date #3, we meet their friend. Their friend! The one we should’ve been with our entire lives. They are so perfect. They are so remarkable and hot. WHY. The person you’re dating is always friends with your future spouse.

Been there, done that. When you have a favorite block, or restaurant, or bar, or neighborhood, it’s expected that you’ll share them with the person you’re dating. In turn, they’ll take you to their places. And you’ll create memories in those places. It’s all very romantic. Eventually, you’ll break up; And then one day, you’ll be walking down St. Mark’s Place with a friend. “That’s where I did karaoke with Tom!” Ten feet later. “That’s where I was standing when John broke up with me on the phone!” One block later. This is where I got a tattoo with Sam.” And that’s when it hits you. You’ve been leaving memories all over the city like you’re the fucking Easter bunny preparing for an egg hunt. And those memories? They’re all spoiled and gross now.

Everyone is Busy Everyone in New York is either busy, a flake, or both. Even people who don’t have jobs are busy. You will utter the words, “He’s just busy” so many times that even you don’t believe it anymore. This is the nature of the game; you are a bad, busy, flaky person. And so is everyone you date. This is the game of flake in New York adult dating. Embrace it or die alone.

We’ve walked through New York and ask people “What is the most romantic places for new York Adult Dating?” Here are some of the answers we’ve got. Enjoy and we hope you get an idea for your next date.

“It’s kind of sweet to be kissed in the middle of Times Square. One of my dates pulled me in and said, ‘I bet this has never happened to you before.’ And he was right. You wouldn’t think it’s a romantic spot but it was a great moment.”

“I like a place called the Narrows because there’s nothing but beautiful couples there. And there are cocktails, and it is dark and Art Deco inside. It’s in the middle of Bushwick”

“The A train on a nice day. Seriously, go past the airport to Broad Channel. The track is really thin so you’re just surrounded by water in a subway car. It’s kind of dreamlike and to have your date beside you is like a wonderful dream at all.”

“For me it would have to be Veselka, on Second Avenue and 9th Street. I adore it because it’s where my boyfriend and I had our first kiss. It’s a relaxed atmosphere, and they’ve got hearty food and friendly service. And now every time we go, we relive our first kiss.”

“The Cloisters. It has this medieval, romantic vein to it. You can see the whole city, all these metal skyscrapers and apartment buildings, while surrounded by nature and medieval currents.”

“Definitely would be Gennaro on Amsterdam. It’s the kind of intimate Italian restaurant that you could visit every week for a romantic getaway. It really is a credit to simple, fresh cooking and it’s got an understated, rustic sort of elegance.”

“The Empire State Building Observation Deck at night. It’s a departure from the norm. You can see the whole city lit up and it’s just gorgeous. Plus the place is an epitome of New York”

“Shalel Lounge on the Upper West Side has this underground, brothel atmosphere. You can get lost in it. The place is small and intimate, and its Arabic feel and the music are very sexy. If you’d like, you can sit in a private enclave where no one sees or bothers you except the bartender. I’ve been there quite a few times and I’ve probably overstayed my welcome.”

“Flushing Meadows–Corona Park. It’s airy, it’s got history, and things could get kind of risqu since there are no other people around.”

“The Staten Island Ferry, going from Staten Island to Manhattan. Years ago, when I first moved to New York City, I lived in Staten Island, and my husband and I would always take the ferry together. It’s like taking those pricey romantic cruises, but it’s free”

“The Central Park, Conservatory Garden in Central Park up at 110th Street. It’s very quiet; it’s lush and so opposite of all the buildings. There are so many beautiful flowers. People even get married there, have nice ceremonies. It’s quite charming.”

“I just like walking places, like from Boerum Hill to the Brooklyn Promenade. There are all those brownstones and then you end up looking at one of the best views of Manhattan. Half of my memories of past relationships are of just walking to and from places. I don’t even remember where.”

It is almost summer, and with this comes summer love. So we hope you will have time this summer to visit these romantic places in New York. You’ll definitely have a great New York adult dating experience.

Oh New York, you are getting hot! These past days, various surveys had been made that will prove how hot New York adult dating scene is. From the most gorgeous to the most active state, New York won them all over. Here are some of the surveys made. Read on while I book my flight to New York.

SNAP Interactive, recently put out a user survey of over 500 singles on its facebook fan page to find out the hottest and most active cities when it comes to dating across the country. And guess what New York rules the survey! New York tops the list for the state that is the most active in online dating. New York also tops the category for most attractive singles but Los Angeles is a very close #2. For the most active in mobile dating, New York tops the list again. Apparently online dating is hot in Texas as Dallas and Houston place high on the lists. For sexy time in the windy city, Chicago came in third for online dating and second for mobile dating; New York needs to watch out for those two states. Here is the top 10 list for those categories.

Online Dating: (1) New York (2) Houston (3) Chicago (4) Los Angeles (5) Denver (6) Indianapolis (7) Phoenix (8) Dallas (9) Philadelphia (10) Seattle

Mobile Dating: (1) New York (2) Chicago (3) Dallas (4) Washington (5) Houston (6) Los Angeles (7) Atlanta (8) San Francisco (9) Denver (10) Minneapolis

Hottes Singles: (1) New York (2) Los Angeles (3) Dallas (4) Chicago (5) Houston (6) Phoenix (7) Seattle (8) Philadeplphia (9) Denver (10) Indianapolis

In a new study by Match.com, an overwhelming 94% of New York singles said they are ready to settle down and find love even if it means long distance. While all 94% said they are willing to date outside of their borough, 71% specified that meant a 40 minute commute or less. So New York is now topping the list for New York adult dating states that is open for some distance relationships.

Here, we must note that the ferry takes only 25 minutes. But, still. Forest Ave. bachelors and bachelorettes should start packing their bags immediately, if not sooner, and consider moving to Brooklyn or Manhattan, which were voted the most desirable boroughs to singles to date from.

And wait, there’s more! Ladies reported that Firemen (30%) and Wall Street Executives (26%) were the sexiest New York professions for men, while the gentlemen found actresses (34%) and women that work in fashion (29%) to be hottest. So if any of you Brooklyn-based New York’s Bravest can manage to find an actress living in Manhattan, take note that 44% of singles picked the West Village as a great date location, while 31% said they do not want to meet at a chain restaurant. But don’t worry if the place is a bit too upscale, as 57% of New York women polled they are willing to split the bill on a first date.

New York adult dating scene is indeed on top of them all. So don’t forget to date and hookup when you come to New York!

The Emerald City is known for a lot of things: gorgeous scenery, fun outdoor activities, active environmental conservation, modern industries, and its locals. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it, but there is also something called “The Seattle Freeze.”

Rumor has it that it’s tough to make friends in Seattle if you’re a new transferee. The locals are friendly, kind, and helpful, but don’t be surprised if you don’t get any invitations to join any of their social circles. I’m not sure if I agree with this theory, but I have to admit that it has some merits, and it carries over to the Seattle adult dating scene. As a decent looking female, I don’t experience this “dating freeze” directly, but it expresses itself in random invitations.

Guys in the Seattle adult dating scene don’t ask for dates directly. I usually hear them say things like, “We should hang out,” or “Hey, you want to meet up with me and my buddies?” and “Great, I’m heading there too. Maybe we can meet and catch up!” The scenario leaves the awkward question of whether “this” is actually a date or not. You see, being rational people, we know guys aren’t looking for their next girl best friend. They’re talking to you because they’re interested and they find you attractive. So why not just come out and say, “Can I ask you out on a date?” No horsing around, no confusion. He asks you out, he opens doors for you, and he pays. It’s that easy.

A friend and I came up with a theory about this oblique communication style used in the Seattle adult dating scene. Some attribute this style to passive-aggressive behavior, while others to the Greek culture spreading throughout our fair city. We call it “pnwasion,” short for Pacific Northwest Persuasion, and it’s taken from our dominant Asian and Nordic cultural influences. It means we’re not confrontational; we like to suggest, not demand; we are not aggressive; and we like to leave an “opt out” clause. In short, we offer you the big picture, and if you can figure out what we want, we’ll get along nicely.

While I am indeed guilty of having pnwasive speech patterns and behavior, I suggest we try to change our way to communicate. The “let’s hang out” line, while seeming casual and noncommittal, is actually the worst trap there is. She can’t say, “Sorry, I’m not interested,” because you never said you were interested, right? And if she says, “No, I’d rather not,” then you are left wondering about what part of your personality is so horrendous that she doesn’t even want to spend a little time with you. Do you see where this leads?

So guys, the best way for you is go the direct route, and ask them, “Would you like to go out on a date with me?” Try to practice in front of the mirror, and then try you inflections on your trusted friends. And ladies, please don’t be offended by the straightforwardness. It’s actually polite, it gives you an out, and it feels great!

It looks like the Seattle adult dating pool is getting smarter. According to statistical data published by The Puget Sound Business Journal, almost 17,000 single college graduates have moved to the Seattle area from 1995 to 2000.

This is great news, so where are these smart singletons? Where???

Maybe it’s about time to get our Seattle adult dating pool a lifeguard to help us quit horsing around and overcome our fear of commitment. Yes, that’s it, out of the water.

Enough with playing games, throwing around mixed signals, and the soap opera-like scenarios we keep getting ourselves in. We already know enough to not run around wet floors.

Let’s all save ourselves the heartaches, and follow these rules in dating.

If you’re married, wear the freakin’ wedding ring.

We have all probably mastered the “left hand, ring finger check” by now, so when it registers a false negative, it throws people off. I know many may feel constrained by a piece of symbolic marriage jewelry, but please do everyone a favor and get a cheap band somewhere and wear it every time you mingle with singles. Imagine how we feel knowing we just gave out our number to somebody else’s spouse.

It would be of considerable help if the wedding ring is visible at a far enough distance to avoid any more embarrassing situations. Think: day-glo with blinking photon beams.

If you’re a homosexual, please be flamboyant about it.

I’ve had my fair share of having crushes on gay guys which had me start believing I need to be a gay man to hook up with decent guys these days. It’s difficult enough to prevent ourselves from crushing on you once we know you’re gay, so please stop confusing us by being kind, sensitive, and ambiguous.

To the organizers of singles events, turn down the music.

How do you expect everyone to have a decent conversation when the bass volume is so strong we can feel it reverberate in our lungs?

They probably think that the whole point of it all is to forget the whole compatibility crap and make us all rely solely on animal magnetism.

The following rules apply to the increasingly popular trend of online dating:

Refrain from using stupid usernames.

Take a moment to think carefully about a photo before posting it.

Double check and re-read your profile content.

Don’t lie about your age.

Based on our city’s census data, our high number of Starbucks coffee shops, and the fact that there seems to be a lot of cheesy romcom movies and TV shows set here set in our city than any other place on Earth, huge publications like Forbes magazine and Marie Claire have been frequently ranking the Seattle adult dating scene as the center of the singles universe.

However, what do singles in the Emerald City have to say about the Seattle adult dating scene? Does it even exist? If it does, who are the people in it and how do they go about it? Do they even still use the word “dating?”

We dug deep into the Seattle adult dating scene and asked its singletons your burning dating questions. Read on to know about what’s happening in the city’s dating scene.


What’s it called?

They sometimes call it “hooking up,” and at other times it’s “hanging out.” It’s just hard to explain sometimes. In fact, it’s really hard to explain, because these twenty-something individuals don’t even use the term “date” anymore, although, a lot of them are dating the hell out of each other. According to one mid-20s resident, it’s better if nobody labels it anything, because you don’t know what’s going to happen. If it gets really serious, then you could probably say you’re dating, or going out, or something.

How do they meet?

Via Twitter; at a friend’s shindig; during happy hour at a bar like King’s Hardware in Ballad; or through the city’s Underdog Sports League where it’s actually fine to tackle people who you think are hot. Other options include: clubs like Neumos or Showbox SoDo; cafés, especially at busy independents where you have to share a couch or a table; or at an art gallery event like those happening at the Henry Gallery or Bellevue Arts Museum.

How do they ask?

They do it via Twitter, email, instant messaging, or texting anything but the usual phone call. That’s out. Also obsolete is that old idea about women having to wait for guys to make the “first move.”

Where to go?

Happy hour at Wasabi Bistro in Belltown; hanging out at the Olympic Sculpture Park; pizza at Via Tribunali on Capitol Hill. Other options: having drinks while dancing the night away at the Seattle Art Museum’s “Remix;” loud rock music at the New Crocodile.

You know it’s serious when: You change your cell phone plan to unlimited texting.

A few months ago we published a poll done by Washington D.C.-based daily deal giant LivingSocial, and ranked cities in the country according to vanity, and we had Washington come out at number eight.

Well, according to The Daily Beast, we have more reasons to be pleased with ourselves. The news site perused over data from the U.S. Census Bureau and took age, income, and marital status, mashed them all up with a Gallup study on both mental and physical health, and because, you know, it’s the Internet, made use of some Google Trends data about the local popularity of different online dating sites.

The Washington adult dating scene is number ten among “The Best Cities to Find a Date in 2012,” according to News Beast. So how do editor-in-chief Tina Brown’s number crunchers arrive at this result? Based on their study, 69 percent of guys and 74 percent of girls in this city are single, the median income for the emotionally unattached is just below $52,000, the average movie ticket price is $11, and the “well-being” score is 69.9.

So, perhaps all that plastic surgery D.C. ranks among the top in collagen injections, facelifts, liposuction, and nose jobs, according to LivingSocial is actually paying off. Or maybe it’s not really necessary, though given some Newsweek story about the growing popularity of plastic surgery, I’m guessing the NewsBeast falls along the lines of a Washington resident’s “there’s a procedure for that” school of thought.

But still, it’s good to know that the Washington adult dating scene is considered to be one of the best places to find a date in the country. However, I find it quite unfortunate that our very own Washington adult dating scene was beaten out by Ann Arbor, Michigan; San Francisco, California; Madison, Wisconsin; Seattle, Washington; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Austin, Texas; Lincoln, Nebraska; Gainesville, Florida; and Atlanta, Georgia. Yes, only San Francisco, Atlanta, and seven other college towns are better places to find dates than our very own city. Surprisingly, nowhere on the list is New York.

We have to thank NewsBeast for such a great insight. Who would have known that the great District is a fantastic city to date in? Maybe one of our city’s leading news organizations should give the Washington adult dating scene a nice test run in some kind of experimental environment.

The single women in the Washington hookup scene are the country’s happiest, according to a joint study done by a Glamour magazine and one popular online dating site. Say that again?

Before your eyes roll up in disbelief, here’s why: According to anthropologist Helen Fisher, PhD., “Unlike other cities, the Washington hookup scene has people coming and going with each administration, so women have a continuous renewed source of guys.”

“Talking about politics on a date, which is considered to be a faux pas by many, is also a good way to get to know your date’s values,” Fisher added.

The findings, which was published in an issue of Glamour, are based on a poll of 5,000 unmarried men and women, having the age of 21 and older, living in the country’s 10 largest metropolitan areas.

However, the Washington hookup scene’s high rating shouldn’t be really surprising; after all, Virginia is for lovers, and Arlington has been called the country’s most romantic city.

On the other hand, a lot of questionable superlatives don’t speak highly of the area. In addition to having the worst traffic congestion in the country, Washington, D.C. has been named one of the nation’s rudest, ugliest, most caffeinated, and least manly cities. Sheesh, it’s more of a surprise how we ever managed to find love.

While the Washington hookup scene has the happiest ladies, it’s apparently a very sad scene for the gals in Boston, which is rated to be down in the bottom of the singles satisfaction scale. And the people who did the survey have a theory about Boston’s dreadful dating scene: one of eight men expect sex on the first date.

Here are a few more fun facts about the study:
- Women are happiest with the state of their dating lives in Washington, D.C., closely followed by Philadelphia.

- Women are unhappiest with the state of their dating lives in Boston, with Atlanta coming in second.

- Single women outnumber the single men in the Washington hookup scene.

- Alaska has the biggest number of eligible bachelors per woman.

- One of eight men in Boston expect to have sex on the first date the highest of any city in the country.

Who hasn’t experienced a rather awful date or two in the D.C. area? It’s sort of a rite of passage in this city the awkward blind date, the “good intentions – bad idea” friendly mix up, the online disaster you know, those encounters you suffer through in the moment, but have the pleasure of telling your friends about later. While we don’t want to take you away from the questionable glory that comes with having the title of “Worst Date Experience Ever,” we do want to make sure you have more good outings than bad ones. So, we handpicked a couple of our favorite, and highly datable bloggers to dish out their favorite date experiences, how they handle the Washington adult dating scene, and why they’re into Washington women.

Chris Rucker, blogger at Dapper Demeanor and Guyism
What’s your ideal date in the Washington adult dating scene?

“I’m a huge fan of day dates. You know, the time when we could meet for brunch, check out a new art exhibit at a nearby gallery, or go over the vintage shops along U Street I love a woman who is fashion savvy and from there, see where the day takes you. If the chemistry is non-existent, you can always part ways before dinner time and meet up with friends after. If you hit it off, you can continue having dinner, and just play it by ear from there.”

How do you prep up for a date?

“When I prepare for a date, I keep research to a minimum. Being a know-it-all can be bad enough; being a know-it-all in terms of personal information is just a few steps away from getting a restraining order. I like to get ready while playing good music; nothing really sexy, but just something cool and relaxing. I don’t create a “big date” playlist essentially, but I just play whatever I feel in the moment.”

Daniel Newhauser, writer for Roll Call
What is your ideal date in the Washington adult dating scene?

“A fantastic combination of good food, and good music.”

Can you describe your best first date ever?

“A now ex-girlfriend and I first met while I was on vacation in the Middle East. Our trip became an extended first date that took us as far as the Mediterranean.”

What do you love about the women in the Washington adult dating scene?

“The sexy combination of beauty and brains.”

If you could change a thing in the Washington adult dating scene, what would it be?

“Talking about politics on a first date has become far too acceptable.”