Just when you think you’ve heard it all…along comes a genius who actually has the audacity to spit out the following hook up line: “Are you in pain?” To which the wondering victim replies “No, why?” And oh yes, the punchline: “Because it must have hurt to fall from the sky, you’re an absolute angel”

Having said this, let us talk hook up lines. The 10-15 words you first say are often the most important. Seriously guys, if you want to find hook up lines then stop! If you ever want to get laid again, you need to improve your approach tactics and today’s example is a definite no in our book, or any prospect’s book. So definitely scratch it out from yours! But apart from that, other things speak volumes about you that you may have no control over. If you are trying to pick up chicks in a mustard stained hoodie outside of the mall, you aren’t going to get very far.

To pick up women, you don’t need to be James Bond either, but you can adapt some of his techniques. You need to be observant, not to the point that you are freaking the girls out, but notice the little things. Women go to great lengths to feel good about them, and you should pick up on that. If you are hitting on a co-worker, which is a great idea, you need to buck up and pay attention. Often a new haircut will go unnoticed, or if she wears a new outfit to work, comment on that, but keep it respectful. Comment on jewelry, and if your relationship is good enough, even go so far as to comment on her perfume. These hints will let her know that she matters to someone, and she may start dressing up better for your enjoyment.

Whenever you can, keep things polite, and only take things further after she has let you know that she is interested. You don’t want to fall into the friend category, as this is like chaining your manhood up to the wall in regards to sexual possibilities with your prospective girl.

Our style of choice remains that of plain sincerity. If you are out there and you happen to scope out somebody worth getting your ass out of the chair for, then a simple smile and hello should do the trick. If your mere presence doesn’t spark the other party’s interest then chances are, nothing that comes out of your mouth will be able to change that first impression you’ve made. So tip of the day is, your first line of offense is composed by your looks. So focus on keeping your fly up and your lunch out of your teeth for starters! Whatever you do, just remember to have fun, stay true to yourself, and stay positive. These will surely turn your hookup date into a success.
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