One of the most essential strategies when dating online is to keep your emails, messages, and profile information short and sweet.  Messages that are too long will just bore the life out or your potential date, which will make them either ignore you or move on to the next one.  This can all be prevented and controlled by improving your writing skills.

When writing a long message initially to someone you’re attracted to, not only is this time consuming and arduous, but you’re also trying to squeeze in a couple of dates into one.  In writing short messages, you give more time in getting to know each other, making your date more curious and make her want to know more stuff about you.  It will be more fun to have short and sweet exchanges instead of lengthy, boring ones.

In composing your message, try to describe yourself in a unique way that can charm the socks off your online date.  Adjectives like beautiful, gorgeous, adventurous, easygoing and the like have been so overused that they have lost their true meaning and might let you be thrown right back at the dating pool.  Use uncommon descriptive words to show exactly the type of person you are.

Be both concise and honest.  If your objective is to find your ideal and lifelong partner, lying is not a good way to go, especially if it is about your physical attributes like your height and build.  It’s gonna make a rough first date if you really are attracted to the person and then you try to cover up for the lies you have already told.

Not only will short, sweet and right to the point be less time consuming and more efficient, it may also attract prospective dates who are looking forward to learn more about the real you.  Instead of spilling everything about you in your first message, you spark a little curiosity and interest out of your online date by providing an aura of mystery in your short and sweet message.
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