In our modern world today, older woman dating younger man is now a common thing. It is actually becoming popular nowadays that even celebrities like Madonna and Cher have been doing it for many years now. These types of women have also been popularized by the hit TV show Sex and the City, which helps to inspire middle aged women to gain power and confidence about themselves. There are many reason why many man loves dating older woman and on the other hand, there are several factors why women seeking men younger than them.

Studies shows that men date older women because they find these older women independent, career oriented, financially stable and sexually uninhibited or at least at their sexual peak. Alternatively, these women seeking men younger than their age feel more confident about their selves. An older woman often display confidence and portrays a strong sense of self, which may appear as challenge to younger men.

Cougar is the common term refers to an older woman who is on the prowl for a younger man. They possess a cougar- characteristic which means women seeking for men with at least six years younger than them. Most women who call themselves as “Cougars” are not really looking for a long term relationship but only wants an exciting pastime to feeds their sexual appetite.

But hey men! Dont feel down, there are still many reasons why it is okay to date and purse that older babe.

Independence: General speaking, older women are more established in their careers and their self as well. They know what they want in life and know how to get it. She is more aggressive and fearless. She depends to no one, nor his man for her living as she is financially secured and stable. An older woman is drama-free, they are straight to the point and these what exactly a man need.

Maturity: An older woman has developed her own identity completely and so she do not play head-games and will not let the media rules her minds with obnoxious schemes. They are also more appreciative and when she is feeling insecure, she can handle it on her own. An older woman has likely to be completed her journey to self- discovery.

Nurturing: They are more nurturing and appreciative as well. They will do anything to make their men satisfied and happy. Also, some men love to be looked after and the good thing about older women is that they are usually good in manipulating and controlling younger men, and this may appear appealing to younger men but keep in mind that its not very manly and its something the rest of us should avoid.

Horny and Experienced: When it comes to sexual things, an older woman is a lot wiser and full of energy than the younger one. She is in her sexual prime and needs you to satisfy her! She is well experienced, so pretty sure that she can show you something new. Make her happy and she will make you happy too. 

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Hookup dating; meeting and mating ritual that started among high school and college students. It is becoming a trend among young people who have entered the workaday world. For the many who are delaying the responsibilities of marriage and child-rearing, hookup dating has virtually replaced the traditional dating. Hookup dating may include anything from kissing to fooling around, oral sex and sexual intercourse, and which are becoming more common among 20s something. Some describe a hookup dating as liberating, empowering, fun, pointless, degrading or sometimes find it dangerous.

Young people during one of the most sexually active periods of their lives aren't necessarily looking for a mate. What used to be a mate-seeking ritual has shifted to hookups: sexual encounters with no strings attached. And most of the time this happen in a hookup online site. In a hookup dating something sexual happens, even though it may be less than sexual intercourse. It is usually understood to be as a short- time experience. By hooking up, individuals don't bother to burden themselves with concerns about issues such as long-term commitment, or of spending time together to determine if a long-term relationship will develop.

Hookup dating with someone means that you both have decided to be together primarily to have someone to share time with and to be able to engage in intimate sexual relations. Also, hookup dating is not demanding. Individuals who hook-up tend to not become pre-occupied with larger issues such as having and meeting expectations of a long-term or serious relationship.

However, hookup dating clearly states some good side and downsides. What are the good and downside?

The good sides include

• The absence of pressure and of stress to try to please someone.

• There’s also the advantage of not being lonely.

• You will always have someone to share fun times with

• Not having to think much about the future

While engaged in hookup dating is somewhat of a double-sided sword, it goes along with downsides like

• The future comes close with each passing day and it cannot be avoided.

• Time that is spent now and which ignores the future is time that is lost and which can't be regained.

• An added disadvantage of hookup dating specifically related to females is that it can cause an individual to be labeled as promiscuous, which is a big negative factor.

Like so many things therefore, short-term dating or 'hook-ups' has some seemingly positive aspects. But as an individual, you have to consider what will be best for you. Take this hookup dating as a way for you to find that partner you are going to be for the rest of your life. All you have to do is to weigh the advantage and the disadvantages to make sure you aren't sabotaging your future long-term dating prospect.
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True... We can never deny it... World had come in a different way now... that even dating has changed it way… a few years ago online dating was a kind of social taboo. And you do need to use your head even now. But dating online has changed the dating scene all over the world. The reality, working adult these days may not have a lot of interest in going through all the that seems to be built into the meat market singles bar scene. When getting older you want something that is more straightforward approach on finding someone compatible who you can truly love. If you are tired of the old, traditional approach, you may consider dating hookup online to look for a serious partner.

You may not notice it, but the process of hookup dating online is like putting ads on the newspaper. In those days, people seemed to believe that anyone who put a personal ad in a newspaper was terminally ugly, terminally desperate, or totally psycho. And it did carry a big stigma. But one of the advantages of internet dating that you might not happen to see too is that you can learn much more about each other before committing to actually meet.

Look at some of the other potential benefits of hookup dating online:

1) It can be safe since when you go through hookup dating on an internet dating site, you remain anonymous until you decide to provide more details.

2) You have significant security, if an online courtship has gone seriously crooked or gotten all weird, or if the person you are talking to has turned out to be something way different then advertised, just drop him or her. And if they won't get let go, go ahead and flag them - report them to site webmaster.

3) Cheaper than a bar, for sure - it's free. Most online dating sites will allow you to sign up and log on, without a fee.

4) Lots of choice – There are lots of singles joining on an online hookup dating site. All you have to do is to look for someone you can be compatible with.

5) Saves money and time – Hookup dating is just a click of mouse.

6) Rejection is a lot less painful. On the internet, you make contact via email and if it is rejected then, who cares, there’s another thousand single out there

Sure, nothing is certain in life. You can get burned in internet hookup dating too. But you have a lot more alternatives, a lot more choices and a lot of ways to find out whether you really want to go ahead and get in direct contact with someone. This is an area where technology is bringing new and better possibilities into our lives. Don't be shy - check it out.
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Online hookup sites is real exciting and fun but a lot of people out there make several mistake and misconceptions about the concept of joining an online hookup sites. Many belives that after signing up and having an account with an online hook up sites means there would be a line of girls or men on their doors willing to get laid. It's time to break out from those misconceptions and avoid mistakes, well, unless you are Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie or both. In order to make a line of chicks or dudes on your door, then you have to possess the following steps; to work hard on reaching out, contacting, meeting and finally banging. You have to attend on these; otherwise your productivity will come to a halt. It's a bit of work but it's very much worth it.

Let’s site 5 massive reasons why you should be dating on an online hookup sites.

1. It is fantastically convenience!

You don’t have to dress too much, leave your house, spend time looking for the great bars, spend money for the drinks, because joining an online hookup sites you can meet and date potentials women all in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Sit down, relax and lay down, or you can even take a cup of coffee while scrolling your mouse and searching for the perfect girl that will match your taste.

Instead of late nights in smoky bars and going home disappointed…and wake up smelling and feeling like an ashtray, go online instead. It is real pure convenience and ease, it is the number one place for meeting and hooking ip women.

2. No things such as REJECTION.

Let us face it! Everybody have the fear to be rejected but not in an online hookup site. If a girl ignored you, so what? You have to put on your mind that it’s impossible to succeed 100% all the time. Every No means you are closer to a Yes. You have to always be in the game. Anyways, here are lots of choices, lots of online hookup sites to choose from.

3. Confidence Building

You meet and gained women online and having success seduction or hookup your confidence level added also. You will also have more skills on handling cold women and handling rejections when it happens. Remember, the confidence you get meeting and seducing women online will lead you to meeting the perfect lady. Whether that is online or offline. It’s getting the experience that is important.

4. The Infinite Amount of Suitable Women

By having such a large pool of single women to contact, there is no need to ever be short of at least one date or hookup a week. It is truly that there are infinite amount of women available online to meet.

5. Ease of Finding Suitable Partners

Though most believes that hookup sites are for casual sex only, many success stories still found their longtime quality partner on online hookup sites.
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In the age of technology, there are lots of ways to have someone stranger to make sex with you. You don’t totally need to leave your house, spend money and time going to bars or saunas to find someone to hook up with you. All you have to do is to select the right arena like searching girls in thousands of online hookup sites in the internet. Sites like Craigslist and Adult FriendFinder are one of the most recommended dating sites for hookup; it offers outlets to feed anyone's sexual preference as well as offering you a sure thing. If you are into casual encounters, the question of how to get a stranger to have sex with you and how will you make it without the sex intercourse has undoubtedly come up. It may sound a bit harder than it actually is, most especially if you will just be making out of love thru an online hookup site. But if you meet the stranger of your dreams here, it's a sure bet you will have that dream become a reality.

Ok. Let’s face the fact that, you can’t just message anyone like “Let’s go to it”. Of course, you have to begin your conversation and be a little graceful if you want to get anyone, especially a stranger, to agree to sex. Chat it up in a chat room, instant messenger or any safe place of your choosing that is not face to face. Make sure that your stranger is on the same page as you sexually. Waking up in the morning tied to a hotel bed is only a good thing if it is on your list of fun.

Doing hook ups on an online hookup sites are different way around unlike to the usual sex. It is more like sex without the intercourse. There are plenty of awesome ways to have sex without intercourse. Many amazing sexual experiences can happen without having intercourse. No matter what your situation is, following these steps will help you have amazing sex without intercourse.

Talk dirty to each other. This is a great way to have sex without intercourse when you and your partner are not in the same physical location. Talking dirty to each is a great way to relieve some tension and have sex without intercourse.

Give each other messages. Giving each other slow sensational messages is another amazing way to have sex without intercourse.
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There are several factors you have to consider when finding the best online hookup sites. It may be like a pain in the ass. Of course, it is not good to just rely on those paid advertisements and those ads with fake pictures of exotic women. Here are the few things that you need to keep in mind when choosing an online hookup sites.

First of all, you have to decide if you want to hookup with a woman or of the same gender. Then, determine which site offers a lot of women in your area. The more the merrier, the more women, the more option you have. On the other hand, if you are a man looking for another man, you may want to go to sites exclusive to those sorts of things and also find out if it’s raining men in there. You can run a test such as, sending out messages and check how many would respond to your message in a certain site. Some sites have members who won’t even respond, but if you received a response check if those responses are real ones. Remember that a lot of online hookup sites out there are scams some of the members aren’t real members. Technically, the logic here means that the more women or men who showed up in a certain site the more genuine it is – having real members that is.

Another thing to consider when choosing an online hookup sites is to look for those sites that give you advanced search options. Top online hookup sites will allow you to search the database not only by age and location, but also based on other preferences – even type of connection you are looking for. Is the website you joined your style or not? Are the features good or it gets you lost on the first page? Only join websites that appeals to your personality and taste. Also a good online hookup sites should have a chat room or chat-feature, messaging and profile page set up. Most sites have these features without requiring the option to pay up. You don’t need to stick on a site that sucks. It is very important that you don’t get annoyed by the navigation system of the website and you can operate from one page to another, if so, the more chance to know more women and have the chance to approach her, what to say to her, and what kind of fantasy to create for her that will entice her.

Remember, you can always try and sign up to different online hookup sites and find the best one for you, once found, you can just cancel your accounts with the others. Unless you want to keep several accounts, that is.
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