You most likely encounter dating clichés on a daily basis.  Those easy one-liners you manage to put on your singles online dating profile or tell a friend who is going through a break-up.  Just because they have been around for some time doesn’t mean they’re true, right?  Let’s break down a few of these online dating clichés.

“I don’t play games.”

Of course, you don’t! Now, who in their right mind would actually say they love playing games in a relationship? A smart person wouldn’t want to let people know they want to mess with people’s fragile hearts. Saying this is quite unnecessary because it doesn’t hold any meaning.

“I’m not looking for anything.”

Sure, so what are you doing on this dating site anyway? You spend time and money on signing up for an online dating site and you say you’re not looking for anything? This cliché is a problem for a few reasons. One, it drives away potential dates because by putting this on your profile, you’re cutting out the rest of the people who are looking for “something.” This cliché implies that you are just there to have a good time or maybe because you’re just bored. Whatever it is you are looking for, don’t keep it to yourself.  Let the world know—someone else might be looking for it too.

“I just want to be friends first.”

This is quite absurd in so many ways. You are on an online dating web site, not on a “new friends” site.  You might start communicating with someone and realize the spark is just not there, but have loads of common interests. It’s only then that you might end up as friends. However, this is not the main reason why you signed up to go online dating, right? Having this on your profile might make you think you are protecting yourself from the romantic pressures brought about by online dating. But what this sounds like to a person reading your profile is you are not serious in finding a partner and don’t want to get attached.

None of these three statements are attractive, so skip these clichés when dating online. You may even skip online dating entirely if all you really want is to have new friends.
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