Based on our city’s census data, our high number of Starbucks coffee shops, and the fact that there seems to be a lot of cheesy romcom movies and TV shows set here set in our city than any other place on Earth, huge publications like Forbes magazine and Marie Claire have been frequently ranking the Seattle adult dating scene as the center of the singles universe.

However, what do singles in the Emerald City have to say about the Seattle adult dating scene? Does it even exist? If it does, who are the people in it and how do they go about it? Do they even still use the word “dating?”

We dug deep into the Seattle adult dating scene and asked its singletons your burning dating questions. Read on to know about what’s happening in the city’s dating scene.


What’s it called?

They sometimes call it “hooking up,” and at other times it’s “hanging out.” It’s just hard to explain sometimes. In fact, it’s really hard to explain, because these twenty-something individuals don’t even use the term “date” anymore, although, a lot of them are dating the hell out of each other. According to one mid-20s resident, it’s better if nobody labels it anything, because you don’t know what’s going to happen. If it gets really serious, then you could probably say you’re dating, or going out, or something.

How do they meet?

Via Twitter; at a friend’s shindig; during happy hour at a bar like King’s Hardware in Ballad; or through the city’s Underdog Sports League where it’s actually fine to tackle people who you think are hot. Other options include: clubs like Neumos or Showbox SoDo; cafés, especially at busy independents where you have to share a couch or a table; or at an art gallery event like those happening at the Henry Gallery or Bellevue Arts Museum.

How do they ask?

They do it via Twitter, email, instant messaging, or texting anything but the usual phone call. That’s out. Also obsolete is that old idea about women having to wait for guys to make the “first move.”

Where to go?

Happy hour at Wasabi Bistro in Belltown; hanging out at the Olympic Sculpture Park; pizza at Via Tribunali on Capitol Hill. Other options: having drinks while dancing the night away at the Seattle Art Museum’s “Remix;” loud rock music at the New Crocodile.

You know it’s serious when: You change your cell phone plan to unlimited texting.

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