Sizzle up your Internet dating activities this coming Valentine’s season with these seven quirky ideas!

1. Checkout cool ecard websites for some avant-garde love notes. Show your Internet dating partner how you feel by saying something wacky like, “I was wondering if you could lend me money for the perfect Valentine’s Day date I want to take you on.” If you’re trying to find something racy that’s apt for Internet dating, there are tons of other sites out there like Cosmo’s ecards.

2. Upload a naughty video clip on one of the video sharing sites like Vimeo. You don’t have to worry because you can set your mini movie password-protected so only he can watch it.

3. Purchase your Internet dating partner a domain name. Check to see if his name is still available at whois.net.

4. Create a customized playlist of his favorite songs on iTunes and give it as a gift to your sweetheart.

5. If you can’t be with him on Valentine’s Day, make him laugh by sending him a virtual bouquet of flowers through iflowers.com.

6. Make a listing on eBay for your love and let your beau win the online auction.

7. Craft a mushy email at futureme.org and decide on a send date in the future, as if saying, “I knew back then that I would still love you right now.” 

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