Contrary to popular belief, there are in fact ways and steps one needs to follow when dealing with online hookups. It is never a work in the park as one may screw up immediately but unlike in relationships, you won’t be at risk of having your balls cut off if ever you have made a mistake, may you’ll get STDs instead.

Step 1: Understand the online hookups philosophy and apply it.
The philosophy here is to be clean and straight with your goal. Make terms with saying that you just want to sleep with women with their consent and enjoyment. You are forbidden to fool a woman to sleeping with you in the hopes of you being her groom at that altar, may you be cursed and egged to death should you knowingly deceit women with lies and fake relationship promises in order to sleep with them. You are a man and you don’t want to hurt women, you want to make love to them. Never confuse them with promises and dinners.

Step 2: Break away from online dating myths and misconceptions.
It’s a mistake to think that just because you’ve set up a profile page at one of the best online dating site means there will be numerous women lining up to sleep with you. WRONG! The percentage of women who wants to have a relationship online is about 90%. You need to do some hard work in order to weed out the wrong women and sleep with the right women with no strings attached.

Step 3: Know what to look for in an online dating site.
This way you can have great experiences with online hookups. Get a site with a good chat feature, decent design and style that suits your personality and make sure that it’s free. Otherwise you may just be burning some cash. Also make sure there is a good number of women members in the site, you want to reach out to as much women as possible.

Step 4: Know how to create a killer profile.
Create a profile that is full of confidence and shows a man whose complex personality intrigues the women. Don’t be rude and say “Hello I’m Jack and I love to F*ck bitches”, it would turn away even the sluttiest woman online.

Step 5: Reaching out is your weapon of choice.
Reach out to as much women as possible and weed out the women who won’t play with you. There will always be women willing to do some online hookups, you just have to find them.

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