spread QZOKXX 282x300 Dating Online Tips on How to Dress Up for the Club When we talk about the club, we don’t mean the math club, golf club or gentlemen’s club. This is the kind of club that has a doorman out front and where promoters stage “nights” at. In other words, this is the kind of place that a lot of guys try to stay away from, but with all the hot girls in short skirts dancing, still merits many visits. So whether the environment is kind of alien to you or not, you need to exercise diligence, especially if you want to do something about those hot girls in short skirts. Here are essential dating online tips to help you out.

Skip wearing your nicest threads

Yes, we know, we know where else will you wear that awesome-looking weekend outfit? But you have to note that it’s going to be sweaty in there. And let’s face it, nobody is really going to take notice of that nice cashmere sports coat, especially in a club’s lighting.

Avoid wearing black

This may seem imprudent, but you have to consider that clubs tend to be bedecked with UV light bulbs, making black clothes look brownish and unattractive. And that’s saying nothing of dandruff. However, gray is best worn to hide sweat, and blue looks always great at night.

Don’t check in your coat

Go with something that can take the heat inside without having to go through the long coat check line. Try putting on a lightweight blazer or leather jacket. The more pockets your jacket has, the more potential for fewer sweat stains.

Know the city

The reason is because a night club’s institutional etiquette can depend on geography, which also varies widely. For example, you may be wearing the “right sneakers” in New York and the doorman knows it. But in Las Vegas, it would be better if you came in square toes you got from Payless. For a safer bet, ditch those sneakers and go for footwear that “get better with age,” like boots, moccasins or anything that isn’t white.

Know the club

Each club is different different dress codes, crowds, or air conditioning. A little research can go a long way towards you being dressed inappropriately.

You must, under any circumstances, refrain from wearing sunglasses

Only Jack Nicholson can get a pass, and maybe Kanye West. But our dating online tips say this whole concept is downright obnoxious. Besides, wearing sunglasses in a low light environment will only prevent you from knowing if a woman is attractive upon first glance. Chances are, if she’s talking to you at this point, meaning you inside a club, sweating and wearing sunglasses, she is most likely not.

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