• Weeding Out Women Who Are Not Into Online Hookups

If you follow these tips, you’ll have to deal with receiving some hate mail and possible rejection at some level. Online dating, like we’re suggesting, doesn’t “resonate” well with everyone. The advantage here is you are not getting emotionally invested. And if you do it right, you’ll weed out a vast majority of the girls NOT interested in short-term online hookups before you even see them personally. The best advice for online dating when you are strictly looking for sex is to become James Bond—women fall at his feet because he knows what to do to satisfy them, but he plays it ultra cool and smooth. He doesn’t need them; they need him.

If you create and write your profile according to our tips right down to the letter, you’ll attract exactly the type of women you want—those who are attracted to strong men that are strictly non-committal. You might think this isa bad idea, but in fact it does work, and it works well. As mentioned, it is likely you will receive some emails calling you every name under the sun.

What you need to do is come to terms with hate mail you will be receiving by just ignoring them, deleting them, and blocking the women who send them. It’s that simple. These aren’t the type of women you want to meet anyway. They are relationship focused and believe in meeting a loving and charming husband online. That’s not the game we want to play. You might also meet the odd woman who changes her mind after you’ve talked online or on the phone, effectively terminating your mission. Get over it and move on. One valuable piece of advice for online dating is to simply come to terms that this is a METHOD, and the method will not work with every single girl. That’s okay. The beauty of these dating tips is that you’ll be saving large amounts of time and money in your main objective: successful online hookups.

• Understanding the Fact That This Is a Game of Numbers

One piece of advice that you have to understand in this online dating game is you are simply playing the numbers. You try to communicate with 100 women through a dating site, you may talk to 25, you will probably meet less than 10, and you hook up with 5. Now imagine if you were trying to do this the traditional way—without going through a dating website—by going to bars or clubs. The only way you could achieve this is by investing a ridiculous amount of time and money.

The key part of our tips for this type of online dating strategy is the word “online.” This is a world where you can be anyone you want to be. Think big, but take it one step at a time. The Internet allows you certain conveniences that are not otherwise possible. It allows you to create a character and a world for yourself before you even meet a girl in person. Our method is just that—you reinvent yourself as a guy that has one goal and doesn’t apologize for it. You move through life without apology.

This advice is a little like creating a beautiful machine that, if built correctly, will generate a line of eager women wanting to sleep with you. Online dating is simply the medium you’ve chosen, while the advice here is the strategy you apply towards success.

One last point which is extremely important: you need to build a “funnel” for women that you’re talking to and interacting with. You’ll need to continuously throw out your net and launch your crane so you always have women in the pipeline.

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