In today’s day and age, your chances of finding a woman with no past partners, are slim to none. Anyhow, why would that even be something desirable? A good mix of past experiences can greatly enrich what a woman brings to the table in a new relationship. So, my friend, you will have to learn to deal with at least one ex…listen up here are some dating tips online!

First and foremost, don’t be the one to bring him up. Often, an overactive imagination might lead you to imagine scenes that are not actually taking place, which result in the creation of unnecessary problems. If your ultimate goal is to keep him out of your lady’s life, then keeping him out of her mind should be your immediate objective. If you keep bringing him up in the midst of jealousy displays, he’ll continue to be a presence between the two of you.

Remember it’s not a competition. He represents her past and you are her present choice for very important reasons. On that note, if you happen to run into him, be cordial and respectful; acting out uncomfortable scenes will only make you look ridiculous both in his eyes and those of your lady. With that said, don’t overdo the “nice guy” attitude either because you might be taken advantage of. Just be yourself, your particular combination of traits is the reason why she’s with you anyways…you have nothing to prove.

If there is conflict between your girl and the ex, control your alpha male instinct to step in inmediately. In the end, she’s the one who knows the situation best and chances are she can tell him off on her own. If that’s not the case and she needs some sort of backup, she’ll surely ask for your help. Simply let her know you are there to support her and take charge, at her signal.

Ultimately, remember that your most important efforts should be geared towards your relationship with her. The happier she is, the less she’ll think of him with any sort of longing. You can’t erase her old memories but you can surely help create great new ones that she’ll cherish and that will strengthen the bond between the two of you.

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Online dating is one of the things that young people are involved with. With the technology that we currently have, it is easier to make the best efforts to seek a partner online from dating websites. One must take note, though, that they should be careful about making friends online to avoid any kind of scams and harassment.


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