Who hasn’t experienced a rather awful date or two in the D.C. area? It’s sort of a rite of passage in this city the awkward blind date, the “good intentions – bad idea” friendly mix up, the online disaster you know, those encounters you suffer through in the moment, but have the pleasure of telling your friends about later. While we don’t want to take you away from the questionable glory that comes with having the title of “Worst Date Experience Ever,” we do want to make sure you have more good outings than bad ones. So, we handpicked a couple of our favorite, and highly datable bloggers to dish out their favorite date experiences, how they handle the Washington adult dating scene, and why they’re into Washington women.

Chris Rucker, blogger at Dapper Demeanor and Guyism
What’s your ideal date in the Washington adult dating scene?

“I’m a huge fan of day dates. You know, the time when we could meet for brunch, check out a new art exhibit at a nearby gallery, or go over the vintage shops along U Street I love a woman who is fashion savvy and from there, see where the day takes you. If the chemistry is non-existent, you can always part ways before dinner time and meet up with friends after. If you hit it off, you can continue having dinner, and just play it by ear from there.”

How do you prep up for a date?

“When I prepare for a date, I keep research to a minimum. Being a know-it-all can be bad enough; being a know-it-all in terms of personal information is just a few steps away from getting a restraining order. I like to get ready while playing good music; nothing really sexy, but just something cool and relaxing. I don’t create a “big date” playlist essentially, but I just play whatever I feel in the moment.”

Daniel Newhauser, writer for Roll Call
What is your ideal date in the Washington adult dating scene?

“A fantastic combination of good food, and good music.”

Can you describe your best first date ever?

“A now ex-girlfriend and I first met while I was on vacation in the Middle East. Our trip became an extended first date that took us as far as the Mediterranean.”

What do you love about the women in the Washington adult dating scene?

“The sexy combination of beauty and brains.”

If you could change a thing in the Washington adult dating scene, what would it be?

“Talking about politics on a first date has become far too acceptable.”

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