dating3 1452760c 300x198 Fascinating Sex Dating Facts About Rich Dudes Snatching and sex dating a loaded guy has been a long time dream for some women. And now, these high-income dudes are on everyone’s radars thanks to TV shows such as “Gossip Girl, ” “Beverly Hills 90210″ and “The Hills.” Plus, their numbers are on the rise, according to statistics saying there are more rich people than ever. Here is the lowdown on guys with fat bank accounts.

Many are not making money the old-fashioned way

Many years ago, you would assume the big moneymakers deeply entrenched in the world of finance hold MBA degrees. Nowadays, many young men work for big-risk, huge-reward hedge funds, with many more garnering much success in combining their creativity with technological savvy.

You will usually find them in hotel bars and ritzy steak houses

When rich dudes travel or go sex dating, they check in at luxurious hotels because they want the best of everything. When having dinner, they don’t go for anything less than grade-A beef. That’s why ritzy steak houses are where high-powered biz types hangout. Before settling down on a table to rack up the bill on the company expense account, of course these dudes usually prefer to hit the bar first.

They have gold digger radar

A lot of people want to be loved for who they are and not what they do. And this goes the same for wealthy men. Gold diggers don’t give off a nice, cute vibe. What they do is pretend they’re interested in your profession, only hang out with you when you’re going to the most exclusive club or restaurant, and they even invite ten of their friends to tag along.

They are naughty

High-earning men are the group most likely to utilize the Internet for adult entertainment, like porn. And according to a study done by Prince and Associates, 75 percent of rich guys said that frequent sex and multiple partners are the benefits of having lots of money; 33 percent are even mile-high club members.

They have a sense of entitlement to arm candy

It may sound a bit shallow, but rich guys think they deserve to be with trophy women. They want to be with women who are ridiculously beautiful, have good manners, and can plan social schedules.

They don’t want to end up with a dummy

A staggering 89 percent of male high achievers report they prefer marrying a woman who is equally or even more intelligent than they are. Moreover, 92 percent of guys who consider themselves successful say they are more drawn to women who are also kicking butts in their fields.

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