Going out and having dinner or watching a movie can get boring if done repeatedly. Don’t get me wrong though, they are old reliable mainstays for a good reason. So if you’re tired of heading to the theaters and then going for a sit-down dinner, we’ve got a few exciting ideas that can shake it up for your dates with sexy girls.

The next time you decide to go out on an unusual activity with one of your sexy girls , consider doing one of these unique date ideas.

* Try acting like a tourist in your own city. If your city has its own cool historical site or even a cheesy tourist attraction to be proud of, show off your hometown pride by checking them out together.

* Are you feeling macabre and are into all things eerie? Check if your local cemetery conducts tours or any special events. It’s an exciting and creepy way to spend an evening. In Los Angeles, the Hollywood Forever Cemetery holds summer showings of classic films. The movies are projected to a wall of a large mausoleum and movie patrons picnic on the huge open lawns.

* Do volunteer work. Look up postings on local organizations to check where a lovely couple can help make a difference. You can assist in serving food at a soup kitchen, wrap gifts for a “Toys for Tots” kind of drive or simply hit the park and spend the day picking up litter.

* Go on a historic architecture tour. If your city has a district rich in history, a local preservation organization might offer a walking guided tour. If this is not available, you can research on old gorgeous buildings and other historical places for your own self-guided tour.

* Take classes together. Visit a center and inquire about free classes for first timers. A lot of fitness centers allow newbies to try out classes (yoga, martial arts, dance, etc.) for free or discounted rates. You can also check out centers that have arts and crafts programs, so you can both channel your inner Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore for some sexy “Ghost”-style heat.

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