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Believe it or not, couples who use secret-nobody-knows code have a better chance of having a satisfying relationship against those who don't, according to a study that was published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. So here, we give you the secret codes couples use if they want to say to their partner that they want to get laid tonight. Try some of these codes to your loved ones in order to send him or her hot steaming message without anyone taking any suspicion that you are actually meaning something dirty.

Come tuck me in bed Some couples say it in front of the kids and make it sound a bit innocent. At least your kids would have a slightly bit innocent idea on what you're doing that's why you're missing in the scene.

You have homework It could also be office-work if you two work together, so the home isn't just a place where you can do work.

The Monkey is Hungry Now, they used monkey here to pertain to themselves. No worries, if you don't like monkeys then you can change that word to hippopotamus, baboon or giraffe. Don't forget to say it in a sweet way.

Is What In Your Pants for Me? Well some people like to ask these question-ish secret sex codes but some people just want to grab what they already know is theirs. It's still upon your choice and mood of course. Date tonight?

One great way of sending this message is by scrawling this on the bathroom mirror with a romantic red lipstick. It's another sort of subtle way of saying Let's get together Chocolate

Chocolate as a word has been used for several ways. So why not use it as a secret sex code right? Everyone loves chocolate! You can simply say I would like some chocolate tonight. See that's simple!

You Should Take Off Your Pants Though it may not so subtle, it's still the most direct and open way of saying it. In the end, your get laid tonight codes could really be anything. Just remember that it's how you say it and present it to your partner that make it HOT. Just check out us here at CitySex for more dating tips online and for other advices and tricks you can use in the bedroom.
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I might just try these in my own relationship. I think that studies like this really show the trends of couples trying to work on keeping the flam alive. Here's some more information on recent trends:


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