Here are a few factors that can convince a guy you might be worth giving up his single status for and decide to go steady adult dating with you.

One important thing to remember is guys decide early on if they’re willing to give up their freedom just to have a monogamous adult dating relationship with you. To convince him it’s a sacrifice worth doing, make sure that you…
  • Pick Up the Check
Take it easy, we’re not saying that you have to pay for every meal. But if you reach for the check, he’ll immediately know you’re a self-sustaining individual who is not just looking for a free ride. If she looks away or suddenly gets seemingly distracted when the check arrives, some guys like Dirk, 25, feels taken advantage of. When a woman occasionally insists on paying the tab, it shoes she’s interested in you as a person, and not what you can give her.
  • Have Plans on Friday Nights
Yes, you want to see him and he appreciates the gesture, but when you send him a steady barrage of email and text messages asking him what he wants to do this weekend, it can be suffocating. What he needs to know so he can have a progressive relationship with you is reassurance that you have your own life one that doesn’t revolve only around him. “My current girlfriend is the first I ever dated who frequently told me, ‘Sorry, already have plans’ because she had a lot of stuff going on,” says Adam, 30. “Although, I soon realized that if I wanted to be with her, I’d have to make plans in advance, which made me want her even more!”
  • Love His Guy Stuff
“My idea of long-term adult dating material is someone who will give me a pat on the back after an awesome day at the golf course and will laugh with me when I tell her about all the funny stuff my friends and I did one night at a bar crawl,” says Brian, 27. It may be asking a lot, but guys don’t want women who will just be catty and complain about our manly activities or the company we keep.
  • Unleash Your Lust
When a man looks at their future with a girl, he wants to imagine wild nights with mind-blowing sex. So if you’re already an eager beaver in bed to begin with, he’ll know he has a lot to look forward to in your potential adult dating relationship.
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