There are women who are either cat persons or dog persons. There are other pets to choose from too, but these two generally divide the line. Studies show it is quite difficult to go hookup dating with someone who owns a dog when you have a cat, and vice versa. The two don’t naturally get along much like guys and gals.

If you think about it, it’s not much of a coincidence that women are drawn to felines and men to canines. In theory, both sexes subconsciously seek out the traits and qualities in their species of choice they are attracted to in the opposite sex. Think about it—men are like cats. They are mysterious, aloof and independent; and females are like dogs—loyal, loving and high-maintenance.

Regardless of your pet preference, or lack thereof, you will surely, at some point in your hookup dating activities, try to get it on with some lucky lady who has a pet waiting for her at home. Fortunately, we are here to discuss the problems you need to overcome to get the girl.

• In winning them over

Animals have the best senses; they know by instinct what we humans tend to ignore. If her pet dislikes you, you will know when they try to bite you, aggressively claw on you, or violate your shoes by pissing all over it. The might have made it the first night, but forget about a repeat if this happens to you.

• They like to watch

Get used to having an audience when you shack up and do the dirty deed in your girl’s crib. That’s probably the most activity their human parent has ever experienced in a long time. Just keep ignoring the fact they might want to jump you.

• They may sleep in bed

Sharing space is what you signed up for when you decided to spend the night with her. So if Buddy climbs up the bed, be ready to make room for her dog or he’ll take it.

• Handle your allergies

If you decide to come over and are allergic to pets, take antihistamine before you go hookup dating . Letting her know you have health issues with her pet will just get you a brush off at the end of the night, so you should take preventative measures to get you laid.

• Bribe with gifts

Bring over kitty food, a bag of toys or any feline goodies. You can win over her good graces and probably her pet’s too.

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