Guys are easy to figure out. You dont need to know how to analyze complicated sports stats, beat us at video games, or do a sexy routine on a stripper pole to impress the hell out of us (though well give huge points for that). Instead, all you sexy women can use these far simpler yet more effective ways.

Ask Questions
Most men, if not all, assume that all you sexy women out there love to talk about themselves. So if you ask about his life, whether its his work or his fantasy football team, hell be pleasantly surprised. It not only can be flattering for a guy if a woman shows interest, but it also shows she can hold a conversation about things that hes into.

Tell a Secret
Disclosing something about you thats relatively harmless we dont need to know the reason why your life story has been turned into a soap opera miniseries can instantly establish a connection. “The first time I met her, she revealed to me her fear of cockroaches,” says Oliver, 25. “The unique nature of her anxiety was charming, and I knew Id be a hero if I get the chance to swat any winged pest flying about.” And even if her friends know her “secret,” hell still feel special just because you decided to let him know.

Own the Awkwardness
We all know that embarrassing moments can really be, well, embarrassing. However, this also presents an opportunity to let your guard down, and show him the real you. So instead of losing it when something unfavorable happens, think of it as a chance to display your ability to make fun of yourself and your wacky sense of humor. “I went out with a girl who, on our first date, slipped on a patch of ice outside her apartment and hit the ground hard,” says Nathan, 26. “After I made sure she was fine, she said, Fortunately, were not going ice-skating! I was smitten.”

Bring Up Day Two
“It feels great if a girl presents the opportunity for me to see her again,” says Mike, 28. “I take it almost all the time.” See how easy it is? On one hand, you wouldnt want to be pushy, but guys dont handle subtlety very well, so what you need to do is get the message across. Say something like, “I love to see that movie, but all of my friends have seen it.” That statement should probably work even on the densest dude you know. 

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