Dating online is a whole lot easier than traditional dating.  All you have to do is sign up to a dating site, build your profile, look for potential hook ups, and start communicating via email or instant messaging.  It’s pretty simple, yes?  However, online single dating site has its unique drawbacks.  One of these drawbacks involves annoyingly persistent people who want to hook up even if you’re not exactly “feeling” them.  So, how do you let them know it’s not going to work out between the two of you?  Here are a few “exit strategies” you can use.

Say, “No, thanks” without any excuses.

It’s important to know that you are not exclusive to date anybody, especially online.  So when you say no to someone you’ve been interacting online, make it short, sweet and firm.  No beating around the bush and no making excuses.  You can be polite and gracious, but never apologetic.

Increase the buddy vibe.

You can establish from the start that you want to be friends and nothing more.  If your online date is not that dense, he can pick up the “let’s just be friends” vibe you’re trying to give off.  Refrain from using terms of endearment such as babe, honey, and the like. Instead, use pal, buddy, or dude.

Change your relationship status on your profile.

This is sort of a sneaky strategy, but it can work to your advantage. This is an effective tool to advertise that you are no longer in the market, thus warding off persuasive singletons.

Quit responding to their messages.

Silence is an excellent exit tactic. This doesn’t mean giving them the silent treatment as this may encourage them to pursue you more. Just stop responding to their messages and go on invisible if needed. Your absence may be a sign that your exchange has ended.

Block them if they become tenacious.

If all else fails, don’t feel guilty to simply block them because your privacy on that online dating web site and safety should never be on the line for the sake of virtual correspondence. Besides, if they’re decent enough, they would know when to leave you alone.
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