Going on a memorable date doesn’t have to be fancy, expensive or elaborate. Date nights work by simply having the chance to get together, catch up with each other’s lives and shut out the noise of your busy lives. If you want hot romance that doesn’t cost a fortune, you can fight that urge to splurge with these cheap but fun discreet dating ideas.

  • Try going out for brunch, and then catch a matinee. Those fancy restaurants are far more affordable during the daytime.
  • During the warmer season, a lot of cities offer free outdoor screenings, which can be a nice alternative to going inside a stuffed movie theater. Your local museum or library can sometimes screen films unexpectedly from classic favorites to very enlightening documentaries. Check your local city listings for schedules.
  • A dinner and movie discreet dating combo for just under five bucks? Check out your local library and browse through their video section. You can go to a fast-food joint of your choice and order drive-thru meals for two.
  • You don’t have to choose between a delicious feast and paying for that mortgage. A simple pasta menu on a shoestring budget can bring back those exhilarating days of dating when splurging meant a cheap, but delicious dinner at an Italian restaurant.
  • Bring a camera with you next time you go out discreet dating . Ask people to take your pictures while you smooch every time the camera clicks. Then on your next date, make a collage of all the pictures of your kissing day after having them all developed.
  • Turn your bedroom into a relaxing and romantic getaway retreat by making it look like a hotel room complete with number on the door, rose petals on a freshly made bed, a nice stack of towels, fizzy bath tablets in the bathroom for an instant jacuzzi, new stationery with a pen for writing each other short love notes, and a bottle of sparkling wine in an ice bucket.
  • Play strip poker! Shed an article of clothing every time someone loses a hand. See if you can make it through just a few games.
  • Plan on discreet dating on weekends with a late night stroll arm-in-arm together even if it’s just around the block.
  • Clear out the fridge and pack up all the leftovers for a picnic. Pack them all in a basket with your best china and glassware, and then plan a date to meet at your local park on a nice Saturday afternoon.

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