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When you want to ask the Internet about a new guy, it’s usually a smart move. However, there is a time when you must resist the temptation.

If you can imagine the time before Google, you wouldn’t be able to peruse over a pasta recipe at a moment’s notice, check movie schedules, or finish your homework.

Yes, it can be quite an insurmountable feat to resist doing an Internet search on a guy. If he asked you out after striking up a conversation at a bar or met him through Internet dating, it’s only prudent to snoop around online and make sure he’s not a Ted Bundy clone. However, there is one instance when Googling a guy can bring harm to a potential relationship: when somebody you know vouches for the dude. If he’s a friend of your friend, you can be quite sure he’s not a psycho serial killer. So you’ll really want to dig some stuff about his past, which is not a really good idea.

Googling someone feeds your curiosity and gives you some sense of control over the harrowing experience of going through the early stages of dating. If you have a more personal connection to the guy, it may do more harm than good. Here are a few reasons why.

You’ll have to fake it

If you’ve already read up on a dude, your conversations with him will not be authentic since you’re just pretending to know stuff about him that you already know. You will have to keep track of the things he tells you versus the things you found out during your online investigation. In addition, you’ll be forced to pretend to be surprised. It can feel insincere and make his BS alarm go off.

You’ll make wrong assumptions

Since you have very limited knowledge about your Internet dating partner, the things you know about him takes on an amplified degree of importance, and the opinion you have formed about him based on the bits of information you’ve scrounged up on the web will most likely be messed up.

You’ll have a false feeling you know him, but really don’t

Finding out stuff about a dude can create a fake and somewhat “stalkerish impression in your mind. It gives you a false sense of security, which can make you go further sexually than you normally would.

This can also feed you fictitious dreams of having a good future together. You’ll tend to imagine going on a vacation to his lake house, skinny dipping and watching your favorite movie together. If things don’t work out, you’ll just be hurt instead of feeling apathetic about it.
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6/7/2012 00:21:05

Online dating is one of the things that young people are involved with. With the technology that we currently have, it is easier to make the best efforts to seek a partner online from dating websites. One must take note, though, that they should be careful about making friends online to avoid any kind of scams and harassment.


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