It looks like the Seattle adult dating pool is getting smarter. According to statistical data published by The Puget Sound Business Journal, almost 17,000 single college graduates have moved to the Seattle area from 1995 to 2000.

This is great news, so where are these smart singletons? Where???

Maybe it’s about time to get our Seattle adult dating pool a lifeguard to help us quit horsing around and overcome our fear of commitment. Yes, that’s it, out of the water.

Enough with playing games, throwing around mixed signals, and the soap opera-like scenarios we keep getting ourselves in. We already know enough to not run around wet floors.

Let’s all save ourselves the heartaches, and follow these rules in dating.

If you’re married, wear the freakin’ wedding ring.

We have all probably mastered the “left hand, ring finger check” by now, so when it registers a false negative, it throws people off. I know many may feel constrained by a piece of symbolic marriage jewelry, but please do everyone a favor and get a cheap band somewhere and wear it every time you mingle with singles. Imagine how we feel knowing we just gave out our number to somebody else’s spouse.

It would be of considerable help if the wedding ring is visible at a far enough distance to avoid any more embarrassing situations. Think: day-glo with blinking photon beams.

If you’re a homosexual, please be flamboyant about it.

I’ve had my fair share of having crushes on gay guys which had me start believing I need to be a gay man to hook up with decent guys these days. It’s difficult enough to prevent ourselves from crushing on you once we know you’re gay, so please stop confusing us by being kind, sensitive, and ambiguous.

To the organizers of singles events, turn down the music.

How do you expect everyone to have a decent conversation when the bass volume is so strong we can feel it reverberate in our lungs?

They probably think that the whole point of it all is to forget the whole compatibility crap and make us all rely solely on animal magnetism.

The following rules apply to the increasingly popular trend of online dating:

Refrain from using stupid usernames.

Take a moment to think carefully about a photo before posting it.

Double check and re-read your profile content.

Don’t lie about your age.

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