nywsa 300x224 New York Adult Dating Classification Okay. So we know you hate it when people put labels and stereotypes on you or someone (we hate it too) but admit it or not, if you are a New Yorker, you probably had been dating and seeing people that you can exactly identify the group where they belong. So we took time to examine the New York adult dating and come up with a few classifications of singles and couples out there. Recognize anyone? Hit ting sc us up some comment if you do.

Chastity Worshippers
The chastity belters are those who are still quite old fashion. While some discuss their sex lives ad nauseam among friends, they hate it and keep it private, they only want serious talks. While others plan a night out boozing in search of the next lay, they prefer staying at. Expecting to mess around a little? Wait until the 3rd date. Want to have sex? Give me something and change your status on Facebook. Then we’ll talk.

Likers are defined primarily by their puppy-dog-like interest in anyone and everyone who displays the slightest bit of affection for them. They are often drawn to one another, engaging in a “we adore everyone!” mentality that makes breakups close to impossible. They smile at strangers on the street.

The unlikers are defined by their roving eyes. Call it the Goldilocks syndrome, call it the need to sow wild oats so much that their entire dating history consists of wild oats. They are the beating heart of the NYC dating world, searching not only for someone to build a life with, but someone to build a life with who is superior to the person whom you have built a life with. For the unliker, trading up is a necessary survival skill, especially when it comes to romance.

Power couples
The shining star of any social gathering is an expertly coiffed power couple: They make you and your friends look cooler for hanging out with them, even though you’re all wildly jealous of everything from their haircuts to how you imagine their sex lives, which they almost advertise.

Long-term ballers
In the wild, long term ballers are those who wants open relationship or doesn’t want any labels on their relationship but in reality, they really like or love the one they went home the most. The ballers don’t necessarily favor lengthy, committed relationships over quick-hit hookups and one-night stands. Often they are simply content labelphobes who may have taken months (or years) of dating and screwing, exclusively, to grudgingly admit that they are, indeed, in a New york adult dating relationship.

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