From terrible spelling to dubious online adult dating profile photos, there are quite a number of things that can cause us to raise an eyebrow and proceed with caution. However, there are a few telltale signs that will make you click the “x” button faster than you can say weirdo. We conducted a survey to find out what the online adult dating profile mistakes that make them run away in the other direction.

• Looking sex-crazed

When you come across a guy’s profile that stresses his enjoyment of intimacy, what they mean, but don’t have the balls to say, is they want sex. Wanting sex is not new, so don’t get your panties in a bunch thinking you won’t get laid if you don’t pepper your online adult dating profile with sexual innuendos. Suggestive jokes can be funny once you get to know a person. But when delivered even before your first email exchange, it comes off as creepy and desperate.

• Cliché statements

Statements like, “I love long walks on the beach” and “I like hitting the theaters” are red flags. What kind of normal person doesn’t like going to the movies? There are loads of nice enough, regular people out there, but this is not enough to nab you a date. You are not required to be a pilot or say you’ve been to fascinating places around the world to stand out from the rest. You just have to be specific. Instead of saying you love to read books, talk about your favorite author. Instead of saying you like watching suspense thrillers, open up and let them know about your guilty pleasure TV show. It won’t matter if you don’t share hobbies with your potential partner, you will still seem interesting.

• Claims of being young at heart

If a profile says, “I have the heart and spirit of a sixteen year old,” run for the hills. This screams Peter Pan syndrome in so many ways. It’s alright to show your childish and silly side without posting direct statements about your mental age. It’s a clear sign you don’t have your life together and would be a disaster to go out with.

• The absence of solo pictures

Pictures with people who are way more attractive standing alongside you is a big no-no for some. Would you rather send a more qualified friend’s resume along with yours to a potential employer? I don’t think so. Remember, you are advertising yourself, not your friend.

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