If you have been noticing something different about your girlfriend in recent days you have been together, there must be something up. If she has been acting strange and distant, you might want to solve the growing mystery in your relationship. Here are signs of cheating that can definitely the truth on your girlfriend:

1. She has a “secret” male friend. Your girlfriend never had the interest to introduce you to this friend of hers. She would probably tell you he’s gay, has a girlfriend or married.

2. She is always busy. She has been declining your invitations to go out. This may be a drastic or subtle change from her routine.

3. She cuts your connection with her. You start to have a hard time communicating with her. She starts to tell you different reasons why she has not been returning your messages or replying to your emails.

4. She is not sweet anymore. She doesn’t return your “I love yous” to her. There is now the absence of sweet talk/sweet nothings.

5. She is now distant even to your family and friends. Cheaters feel guilty. This is the reason why your girlfriend starts to avoid your family and friends. This is her way of coping from guilt.

6. There is an increased frequency of nagging, even if there is no reason at all. This is a way of covering her tracks. She may demand a lot to keep your mind busy so you won’t think you’re on to her.

7. She becomes secretive of her schedule. She doesn’t want you to know what she’s up to.

8. She answers her phone calls in an unusual manner. She may answer in a different tone of voice or may hang up the phone immediately.

9. She hides her personal gadgets from you, like her laptop and mobile phone. She starts letting you know to stay away from her personal belongings. She instantly deletes her phone messages and all the calls that come in and out of her mobile phone.

10. She has a different overall attitude. She is not the same person you fell in love with.

Despite all these signs, it is advisable to not be immediately judgmental. These signs are just a guideline to help you detect if your girlfriend is cheating on you or not. You must still collect evidences and look for witnesses before you start throwing accusations. It is still smarter to mend a relationship that’s on the rocks. Remember, love is best experienced by two people who have mutual feelings for each other.

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