1125 feet sex bed couple sm 300x207 Overcoming Shyness for a Successful Hook Up You may think you’re a hotshot when you tell your pals your cool chick hook up stories, but are you really what you tell them you are? It’s so easy to tell them how to seduce and hook up with women, but are you that suave? Chances are your bark is louder than your bite. How would you even know you are truly shy, or at least admit that you are? There are certain ways to determine if you are a shy guy.

Signs You Are a Shy Guy

  •  ”I’m a Loner, Baby”

If you prefer being alone and minding your own business, then you are inclined to be the loner type. Although this doesn’t mean you’ll end up being perpetually single, you may very well be on your way.

  •  You’re Way Too Friendly

After going through a good number of rejections, either some guys develop a solid method in approaching girls, or they can go the opposite direction by becoming excessively friendly towards them. But ultimately, being too nice and cuddly will only get you a peck on the cheek because you successfully ended up in the female circles.

However, don’t be misled; you are welcome in their circles as an onlooker, but you don’t get the chance to enjoy the goods. To give you a better understanding, remember that if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. If you realize you fit the profile of a shy guy, you are probably thinking of ways on how to overcome it, right? Think no more! Just pay attention and read on.

  •  Be Forced to Meet Women

The toughest part of being timid is working up the courage to meet a woman, and even get her phone number in the process. If you’re planning to spend your Friday night in the couch, catching reruns of your favorite TV show, then it’s time to re-think your plans. Call a pal, look good, hit the clubs, and channel your Don Juan persona.

  •  Create an Alter Ego

Just like Bruce Wayne’s Batman, you can try and establish an alter ego that emphasizes your positive attributes. This doesn’t mean you should put up a fake personality and have people believe you are someone you’re not, but rather improve your “superficial persona.” But whatever you do, always be honest and avoid fooling girls too much; they will all come back to haunt you.

  •  Think Positive and Always Be Confident

Overcoming your shyness starts from within. This may be a cheesy cliché, but it rings true. If you see yourself as an asset that women should have, they will feel this confidence radiating from you. If you think you’re not worth their time, they will also feel the same.

So next time you’re out on the hunt for gorgeous women but don’t know how to approach them, just remember that the toughest part is heading over and maintaining an interesting conversation. Once you’ve done this, the rest is going to be easy.

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