So you’re in a relationship and everything is great, even the sex…but let’s face it, after a while, even a lot of a good thing gets old. Here are some sex advice to spice it up. You have one of two choices: remain unsatisfied or doing something about it. Since obviously you want to fix the situation you have again, two choices: going behind your girlfriend’s back to have occasional sexcapades or convincing her to agree to an open relationship where you can both have sex with other people…key word being both, not just you.

Finding a woman who will be keen to this idea of an open relationship is quite difficult…but in all honesty, it has more to do with the fact that they haven’t been correctly sold on the idea, rather than it not being something they could get into. If you’re going to be a salesman here, make sure you know your product and the benefits it can reap for her; ’cause if you focus on what you’re going to get out of it, it’s just not going to happen!

Most women think that sex leads to love and thus they’ll be hesitant about you sleeping with other women because in their head, you screwed, fell in love and left her out to die, all in one date! So make sure that reassurance in the fact that your relationship with her is the top priority, is an important part of the plan. If she views this as an extra and not as something that can jeopardize her present state, your chances increase significantly.

It’s all about planting the idea in her head by exposing her to movies, outings and situations where she can experience or witness what bringing a third party, for pure sexual pleasure, would be like. Some ideas include renting tasteful porn to watch together or hitting a swingers club where she can see it’s all about sex and you leave the emotions at the door.

If you word it right, you can do this and add excitement to your current relationship.

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3/8/2015 10:43:40

some sound advice, but putting into play would be a challenge.
i am sure most women when confronted with this suggestion wouldn't be impressed. but i agree this would be the ideal way to try, as you are easing the idea in gently.


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