Marriage is indeed a very big decision. It goes beyond the written and verbal commitment to your partner at the church or the place the ceremony had happened, thus its a life time commitment to your partner; be it social, emotional, financial and legal. It is about promises and vows that you cant just abandoned when situation gets rough. Having said this, everyone should take this seriously and must carefully study his or herself prior to entering the world of marriage.

If you are the type of person who loves your partner but not yet sure if you are ready to get married, then you are lucky. Because today, many believe that being together or as they call alive in is just exactly what is like when getting married.

Study shows that marriage offers little benefit over couples who just live together in terms of health, self-esteem, and psychological well-being and so many choose to just stay together rather than putting a ring on it. In a research made, only 900 participants out of 2,737 single ladies and gentlemen get married in 6 years span of their relationship. And all of those 900 said that they got a higher level of happiness at the beginning of their marriage only. Yes! You read it right- only at the beginning. Those advantages faded in time.

Yet, it does not necessary means that once you get married you will be unhappy. We are just convincing you to carefully study every little thing and talk about it honestly with your partner. Also, it is a good idea to hear some relationship advice from those who are already married, maybe your friend or family. To help you with, this article will site some of the advantage and disadvantage of being married. These are the best relationship advice that you have to equip with, prior to marriage.

Disadvantages of getting married:

Freedom loss- Basically, once you get married, you wont be able to just come and go anywhere else. You always have to consider your partners permission. A single man used to have a liberty to go out whenever he wants, to spend his money on things he likes without thinking twice but this will definitely change once he get married. This time around a man should always consider his wife and his new family on his every act. Same thing with the woman, she would not be able to go shopping anytime she wants or join a friend for lunch without telling her husband. It may sound suffocating but if trust with each other is build, surely it will overcome most of these situations.

Living with pet peeves- NO one is perfect! Everybody has its own personality imperfection, and you have to deal with it. Meaning, once you get married you should be able to learn and accept your partners defects even those little things like leaving the toilet seat up, or drinking milk directly from the carton. The two of you must need to talk about it over and honestly tell what should be and what should not be done. Being open minded and the willingness to change for the better is necessary to overcome this kind of situation.

NEW Extended Family- Well, this is almost given. When you get married, you only not married that guy or lady but his or her family as well. Unfortunately, there are some who does not go well with their in-laws. If this is the case, one you should know how to adjust. You have to try and learn to mingle with your new extended family.

Advantages of getting married:

Financial Stability- so what exactly financial stability means when it comes to the issue of Marriage. This not refer to gaining money but rather this states that whenever you are in need there is someone you can count on- and that is your partner of course! When you are married, both partners combine their money managing talents and financial assets into one, and pooling together your financial resources is an added benefit of marriage.

Long Term Commitment, Security and Support- Once you get married, you have the peace of mind that your partner is really yours. Much more, it feels great that you know you have someone who will take care of you, have good times with and go home to after a day of tiring work.

Raising kids- the most wonderful advantage is actually having kids of your own and raising them as a team. It is a gift, a magnificent blessing. Being married gives you the right to have children and let them “legally” wear your name.

These are just some few factors and relationship advice you have to learn once you get married. Think before making a decision, prepare yourself. Remember that there is more to learn as you go along the way. 

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