relationship 257x300 Relationship Advice   Questions to Ask Your Partner Have you ever wonder what life might be if theres no such thing as asking? How would a relationship survive if one cant able to ask questions? Answer: MISUNDERSTANDING. Misunderstanding often comes to partners that dont talk about each other feeling and dont communicate with each other’s inner sentiments.

If you want a peaceful relationship then the two of you must know how to communicate with each other. This way it would be a lot easier for you to understand and comprehend. Understanding and comprehension is needed in every relationship because they are the fuel that keeps trust alive. In a romantic relationship, no trust means no intimacy and without intimacy the relationship is definitely not romantic.

So, to keep your relationship smooth flowing, there are few questions here that could probably makes you understand and comprehend more your partner, and at the same time help build comprehension, understanding and trust in your relationship.

Relationship Advice question #1: When did you fall in love with me?-  It is very heart whelming when you heard your partner stating the time and date that he/ she fall for you.

Relationship Advice question #2: What is your first impression to me?- The first impression that your partner might say may change after you become together, so, it also a good idea to ask if he/ she still feel that impression up to now or if that impression has changed?

Relationship Advice question #3: What is the thing you love most about me?- You may find out that a certain body part drives your partner wild and you would have never known about it. It can really get you to feel sexy to know this. This is a great love question to ask your partner.

Relationship Advice question #4: Do you believe in God- Usually partners never talk about religion. This question is a nit sensitive, but talking this thing over is a great way for you to learn more about your partner, just make sure that during the conversation there is always respect on each other beliefs.

Relationship Advice question #5: Do you see us together in another year, 3 years, 5 or so?- It is nice to hear that your partner see his or her future spending with you. But remember not to ask this at the beginning of your relationship or he/ she might get stressed. Ask when both of you have establish strong relationship and already stable.

Relationship Advice question #6: Have you ever lied to me and if so, why? – Don’t worry if you find out that your partner told you a small lie at the beginning of your relationship. Use this question to get a clean slate from now on. Life’s too short” why not ask what’s in your heart?

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