Your sex dating relationship with your man needs to take a break from that boring daily grind and get that much needed spark. Here are a few romantic sex dating ideas to help you stop making excuses and start packing those bags.

* Excuse no. 1: We don’t know anyone who can take care of the kids.

Of course you do, and she’s called your mother-in-law. If she’s not available, there are your own parents, siblings and very close friends who can qualify as siblings. Arrange for them to baby sit. If they don’t live nearby, hit the road and go to their city, then fly out of the nearest airport instead of dragging your ass back to your home town. You may also try asking a good friend with kids to watch over yours, and then just return the favor when it’s their turn to pack their bags sans diapers.

* Excuse no. 2: Our vacation budget will take a beating.

You don’t have to a Caribbean vacation to have an awesome time together. You can plan a trip to a different city, stay at a hotel, go out to dinner and have interesting fun conversations. And if you want to travel further, like Europe, avoid the bustling summer tourist season. Also take note that your dollar can go further in destinations like South America and Asia. Plan your trip and go online to search for the best deals on hotel discounts, travel packages and destination updates. You can also book your flight on your favorite airline.

* Excuse no. 3: We’re not that desperate. We can just go out for dinner.

What, so sex dating getaways are only for couples who are going through a major slump? Think of this more as a recharge of sorts. U.S. conducted research shows 40 percent of women feel more loving on vacation, and a Dutch study reveals that just planning a vacation increases levels of happiness, possibly from all the anticipation of how much fun you’re going to have. Plans of having a romantic getaway can be a psychological boost; it lets you focus on each other. The post vacation feeling can be rewarding. It can give your relationship new energy and a deeper appreciation of your marriage and family. You will go back to your crazy lives happier, relaxed and excited to see your children.

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