The number of single people out there is enormous and most of them are by choice. You can’t really blame them if they choose not to engage in a relationship and go check out online hookups instead.

But the thing about online hookups is that people who wish to get himself or herself with it should think about safe sex more consciously.

Anonymity goes both ways. Just as you are anonymous to them, they too are anonymous to you. You can’t just let your guard down and put your pants down quickly as well. There’s a gay man who has problems telling his casual sex partners to use condoms during the deed and eventually he toned down this part of his sex life and it was just a matter of time before he was diagnosed with Chlamydia. There are a lot of sexually transmitted diseases out there that you should protect yourself from and protect others as well.

Using condoms and taking in consideration your hygiene is very important. Think of it as doing yourself a favor and others. Online hookups are easy, convenient and quick but being contaminated with STDs are just as fast and convenient too. But the thing about STDs is that when you go to a doctor, that you don’t’ really trust or is not really your family physician, then be prepared to encounter a rather awkward conversation about your sex life. Some doctors are the ones uncomfortable about it and would break a sweat with every question. Finding a doctor you can trust about every nook and cranny of your sex life can be hard to find sometimes. So why not do yourself a favor and prevent STDs from happening in the first place?

Don’t think that your casual sex partner the one you just had a conversation and deal about sex would be appalled by the thought of using condoms. Tell him or her that it’s for your own good. You already talked about sex and doing it, so it shouldn’t be hard to bring up the issue of condoms and safe sex. If your casual partner won’t agree then tell him or her to leave or take the initiative to leave. Always remember that it’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

And most of all, only sign up with online hookups sites that you are confident with, a site that you trust.

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