You can either go for all the adult sex positions you want to try, or you can ask the world’s leading doctors for advice on adult sex for guaranteed efficient tricks in the bedroom. And the positions get even better.

Let her know she looks and even tastes good
It has been proven that women who feel confident with how their privates look are more open to a variety of sexual activity, and are more likely to orgasm because of their more relaxed state. When a guy goes down on his woman, he should do it with much enthusiasm, telling her how gorgeous she is and how good she tastes. Guys shouldn’t treat it like a chore.

Hear her out
The one difference that sets a regular guy apart from a gigolo is a gigolo can listen to what a woman wants in bed, so all you have to do is ask. It would also be sound advice to ask her when you’re not in the bedroom. Raise the subject while you’re out on a walk or doing something casually intimate together.

Touch her everywhere with oil
Touching her sensually releases a powerful sex hormone called oxytoxin, which boosts a woman’s levels of testosterone and sets her sex drive on fire. The smooth and seductive feel of oil rubbed on skin is a huge turn on, leading to more passionate adult sex.

Take your time when undressing
There is a certain degree of control when it comes to the amount of neurotransmitter released, so looking at a nude photo will spark a fast and strong release of dopamine, and possibly oxytoxin. However, this fades quickly, so let her work for it a little. She will surely enjoy the neuro orgasm.

Take a shower
Up to this day, there is no proven human pheromone that can make you irresistible. So until one is found, wash well.

Set a mood by turning the lights down
For heightened arousal, women need to deactivate parts of their brains which are associated with anxiety and stress. If women aren’t relaxed, they cannot enjoy adult sex, so dim the lights and try sharing a fantasy. One Ivy League study revealed that if you wrap a woman in a sensual embrace for more than 30 seconds, her levels of oxytoxin and anticipation of sex are increased.

Sit back and relax
Try to find out which sexual position is most stimulating for her. Usually, it’s her on top, facing away, which is also known as the reverse cowgirl position. The angle of the penis touches the anterior all of her vagina, which stimulates her G-spot. 

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