Finding the best online hookups sites can be like a pain in the ass. You just can’t rely on paid advertisements and those ads with fake pictures of exotic women. Even farmers have their own dating sites and they are having a hard time! The criteria for good online hookups sites are here and you should keep these in mind. You can try and sign up to different online hookups sites and once you’ve found the best one for you then you can cancel your accounts with the others. Unless you want to keep several accounts, that is.

1. If you are a straight man looking to hook-up with a woman then discover the number of women a certain site has as members. The more the merrier saying applies here and the more women, the more option you have. On the other hand, if you are a man looking for another man, you may want to go to sites exclusive to those sorts of things and also find out if it’s raining men in there.

2. You can run a test such as, sending out messages and check how many would respond to your message in a certain site. Some sites have members who won’t even respond and sometimes it could be a trend in a certain site.

3. Another criteria to check would be the real responses you got. How many women and men actually showed up to dates. Why should you do this? Well for one, a lot of dating sites for hookups out there are scams and some of the members aren’t real members. Technically, the logic here means that the more women or men who showed up in a certain site the more genuine it is – having real members that is.

4. Also, is the website you joined your style or not? Are the features good or it gets you lost on the first page? Only join websites that appeals to your personality and taste. As long as you don’t get annoyed by the navigation system of the website and can maneuver from one page to another smoothly then it’s a winner. You don’t have to stick to a site that has a design that sucks.

5. A good online hookups site should have a chat room or chat-feature, messaging and profile page set up. Most sites have these features without requiring the option to pay up.
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