53becksjpg 300x206 Some People Looking for Sex Like It Scorching HotThere is no time hotter than a summer-long, one-season stand.  Thanks to humid weather, longer days and loads of Mojitos, summer is the perfect time for people looking for sex However, summer casual encounters are not all fun and games.  I’ve experienced two:  one amazing, the other a disaster.  The amazing one was with a guy in a band that was on tour which had my hometown as one of their stops.  He was only there for a week, so we both knew our hookup was all about doing as much as we could with no strings attached.  The other was with a foreign exchange student.  We were at it for a few weeks, and then he ended up stalking me for the rest of the summer, when I absolutely no desire to be his girlfriend.

Summer flings are always memorable, which is the reason why I’ve never forgotten those guys, and almost every girl is up for one at some point in their lives.  But how can one tell if she’s up for a fling or maybe something more?

Women looking for sex tend to be more sexually active in the summer, but it’s not just because we actually cared about shaving our legs again.  For many girls, summer gives the opportunity to lead a double life.  On summer break, they are given the chance to bone their ex or high school crush when they come home.

And even when done with college, a lot of women are still looking for sex flings thanks to beach or lake house weekend trips that lets them leave their stressful work personas behind.  The idea of hooking up with someone, while spending the weekends drinking and having sex makes the workweek fly.

Of course, the best candidates for summer casual encounters are women who will be going back to wherever it is they came from come September. They are more likely to understand the agreement that everything that’s going to happen is just temporary.  However, there are other behavioral clues.  For instance, if she’s someone you’ll get to see regularly every summer, but gets to having sex right away, then she’s probably not looking for a boyfriend.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a summer fling in your hands, the last thing you want to do is push her away.  So keep in mind that the whole point of having a fling is to keep things light and breezy, just like the weather.  So when it comes to wild summer hookups, it might be best to stick the rules made clear in     the movie Grease:  When it gets colder, that’s where it ends.

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