Having quality time with your man can be difficult to come by, so why not make those precious few hours with him extra exciting and make sure you get laid tonight? Use these scorching hot reader tips to sizzle things up on your next date and get laid tonight.
  • Let Your Man Indulge You
“It’s not what we do when we’re out on a date; it’s going through the motions when we get home from one. I strip off my clothes while he runs a bath. He then sits at the side of the tub and bathes me from head to toe.”

  • Dance Your Hearts Out
“To get a surge of adrenaline pumping before we go out, I roll up the living room carpet, dim the lights, crank up the stereo to a series of our favorite dance tracks and start dancing solo. My hubby usually comes rushing in the room to watch, and after a couple of songs, joins in on the fun.”

  • Sweeten the Passion
“My man and I love chocolates. It heightens our senses and we swear by it. To make our date nights a little extra special, one of us often surprises the other by getting us expensive treats at the local sweets shop, and then feed them to each other. Kicking off the night with this extraordinary experience sets the mood for a lot more hedonistic activities.”

  • Transform Your Living Room
“We convert our living room into a romantic space by clearing the floor of the coffee table and placing layers of blankets. We then cover the lamps with scarves, light scented candles and put fragrant flowers all over the room. In addition, we also have strawberries smothered in chocolate, a bottle of our favorite wine and a variety of scented massage oils on hand. For a few hours, this ordinary living room is transformed into our own sexy playground.”

  • Heat Things Up in the Theater
“My husband and I were compelled to watch a neighbor’s production performance of “Les Miserables” at the local theater. To put some pleasure on the painful performance, we started having an exchange of racy text messages. The messages were about the wild things we could be doing to each other if we weren’t watching the play. I don’t know who was more surprised and turned on by our sexually suggestive exchange, me or my husband.”

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