The Appeal of Adult Dating Married Women If we try to think about the human race’s fatal flaws, we can probably consider our attraction to things we cannot have as one of them. And as men in particular, we tend to give in to our own illicit desires. We all want to be moral and good, but why do we have more fun when we sin? As men, we can totally relate to the primeval instincts we feel to propagate our species.

However, some guys, like me, are staunch supporters of monogamy for one reason alone: We believe in the power of a promise, and this kind of commitment deserves much respect in any aspect of life, but no more so than in a relationship.

To be a single free agent and go adult dating with available single women is one thing, as long as your intentions are clear and you go about your business without a trace of guilt.

And then there’s the married woman: the perfect manifestation of the sweet forbidden fruit; so unattainable, yet so alluring to a lot of men. Some guys cannot help but be drawn to a woman with a ring on her finger, regardless if she is a good friend’s wife, a casual acquaintance or a colleague.

For some, the magnetic allure of a married woman in a committed relationship is hard to resist. It is a kind of perverted sense of accomplishment and personal victory to get to sleep with her, make her feel attracted to you, and maybe even fall in love with you. But you can be rest assured, the ego boost we get from adult dating a married woman is not worth it. Types of Married Women:
  •  The Prowler – The profile of this type of married woman describes her as stuck in a marriage of convenience. She probably did it for the money, social status or overall security in life, and now wants to get her freak on with any guy who throws his attention to her.
  •  The Thrill-Seeker – Not as proactive as The Prowler, but this type of married woman has the same desire for mischief. This bored housewife or corporate slave under stress is most likely sick of her marriage, and is in dire need of an outlet to vent all her frustrations. But instead of picking up a new hobby or going on a long vacation, she has a boy toy in mind.
  •  The Young Wife – She is the innocent and naïve ingénue, oblivious of your real intentions in her. She tied the knot before having the chance to experience life.  The Young Wife loves and is devoted to her husband, and is honest as can be, but wonders what else is out there now that the honeymoon stage of their marriage has passed.
  •  The Lonely Neglected Wife – A lot of guys have probably encountered this type of married woman, which can come off as a headcase in most cases. Her marriage has turned sour and her husband no longer has the interest to invest in their relationship.

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