When things are starting to cool down a bit, a park outing can be much more attractive for a nice date. Add a delicious meal, live music and a V.I.P. element to the itinerary, and you have much cooler Atlanta adult dating evening.

Check out these lovely date ideas at the park to make your Atlanta adult dating activities a lot more fun.

Piedmont Park
Atlanta residents don’t need to be told how to spend their afternoon frolicking in the city’s best park. But just in case you’re open to suggestions, we recommend a blanket, a cooler full of snacks and cold drinks, an iPod with a portable dock, football / Frisbee / other sporting equipment, sunblock, and the most important thing you shouldn’t forget to bring your electrifying personality.

Private Cabana
After you’re done with all the frolicking, flirting, and exchanging of witty banter, you will need a change of pace, and there’s no better place to do this other than in one of Park Tavern’s private cabanas. Get a reservation for one right along the park’s edge for only $25, your date will surely love that you planned ahead. Take the liberty to sing “Copacobana” if your date can dig cheesy humor.

Food and Drinks
With the restaurant menu always changing, the fun part of it is trying to keep up. You could go with an impressive strategy by going for the Atlanta’s only Salt Block Experience, which is an interactive sushi showcase with fish and wagyu beef of the highest grade possible. But if you want to sink your teeth in fresh Angus burger, head on to Holeman & Finch, or for hotdogs loaded with toppings like guacamole and roasted corn, try the new Niman Ranch hotdog. Wash everything down with a glass of cold craft beer or a refreshing specialty cocktail like cucumbery Yellowtail.

Cap the night off with one of Atlanta’s long-lived traditions: Unplugged in the Park. Feast your ears on live music from your cabana or make your way to the stage to do a few awkward movements that closely resembles dancing.

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