TENT 300x204 The Best Places to Have Adult Sex Familiarity breeds contempt, so when having adult sex with your girl, you need to mix it up a bit.  How?  Experiment try something new.  Try having adult sex at places you wouldn’t normally do, basically.  Bang her someplace you would normally do something except have adult sex, like drive, wash or swim.  Good?  I thought so.
  •  In a Tent
Pros:  Banging in a tent can be a fun thing to do.  If you’re having a marvelous time at a festival, all buzzed up as you giggle back to the campsite in your red Indian outfit when it starts to rain, sex in a cozy tent when it’s can be a pretty fun way to let the downpour pass and stay dry.  It’s also relatively comfortable to do if you can avoid being fallen on by an intoxicated carouser. Cons:  Doing it here may feel like you’re in a bedroom, however, you are not really in a bedroom.  The only thing that separates your stark naked bodies from the elements is a piece of canvas that is by no means soundproof.
  •  In a Hotel
Pros:  Sex and room service that’s what staying in hotels is all about.  Relaxing in a hotel all-day long and rolling around in fluffy clean sheets you’ll never have to wash sounds about perfect. Cons:  However, you may think the ‘do not disturb’ sign at the door means don’t come in, but it really doesn’t.  So unless you don’t want housekeeping to come in and see you doing the nasty, then it would be prudent to get sex out of the way before 10am.  And whatever you do, don’t let the thought of the hundreds of other guys who have unloaded in your bed creep you out.
  •  On the Beach
Pros:  You’re on a holiday at some resort and the sound of the waves crashing on a warm night is just enough amount of cheese to be romantic, and the element of danger in being caught out in the open makes it exciting. Cons:  Sand on the genitals is not really pleasant if you think about it, so be mindful of the friction factor.   That may sound similar to a Simon Cowell reality talent show, but it can really hurt.  If it’s possible, find a deck chair or a small grassy patch of land to avoid any undesirable injuries.
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