In order to be successful with your online hookups, there is a certain philosophy that you should imbibe and apply in your life in the realm of hooking up. Here we will discuss the philosophy and advice on online hookups , which is specifically geared to get you banged without any strings or what-nots attached. In order to be efficient and effective at achieving this single goal of hooking up then you should start by not following what they tell you on being nice and being a gentleman.

Let us tell you that the philosophy of being nice and a gentleman is incorrect if you are looking to get hooked. In order to have clean online hookups through your keyboard, you need to make it sure and clear to women that you are after only one thing – getting laid, nothing more and nothing less.

Make it clear that you are not there for hanging out, marriage, or developing a relationship. You need to be upfront with your profile, ads and email communication with them. Although it definitely goes against the conventional advice for online dating, trust us that it’s like doing yourself a favor. You don’t want a situation where you took home a girl and she realized she doesn’t want to sleep with you unless she finds out that you’re serious about you.

We high discourage that you fool women into sleeping with them by telling them you love them and showering them with gifts, as a matter of fact – we forbid you and hope you get struck by lightning four times if ever you commit to giving the wrong impression that you want a long-term relationship. You will only develop a bad reputation as a liar, poser and word can spread very quickly online. It could get you banned and the last thing you need is someone spray painting your house or windshield.

Don’t bother wondering why these women would sleep with you, some women are just as horny as men but don’t be confused with the tramps since they don’t really bother with the computer. Girls would sleep with you for a lot of reasons such as getting out of a serious relationship, career women who don’t have time for relationships, making their man jealous etc. It is not important to know these things, remember that your goal is to get laid through online hookups and not weave out some story. Just be forward and clear but you don’t have to be an ass.

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