There are times when guys really fuck it up with their hot wives. But fortunately, when I happen to be at fault, my wife doesn’t make fun of me. She secretly loves it when I screw up, because she says I never admit to anything I’ve done wrong. So at this rare moment, I’ll happily own up to my many blunders and lapses in judgment as a husband.
  • Insulting my wife when trying to flatter her
I am a huge fan of the female body, specifically my wife’s, and I’m sure you guys feel the same way with your hot wives. But sometimes my words can be a huge obstacle in expressing my appreciation. I am known to compliment my wife by letting her know she is “big” or “thick.” These words don’t go well with her even if I use them in the highest form of flattery. I love the fact that my gorgeous wife is brick house. You read that right. She is a full-figured, curvaceous woman, which is a very good thing, for me at least. However, when she hears those words, my wife takes them in a very negative way, one that I will probably never understand because I’m not a woman, and therefore never had the experience to be worried of not being “skinny enough.”

  • Fucking up the laundry
As hard as I try not to, I always get to shrink my wife’s tops or messing up the color of her clothes when I do the laundry. I am responsible for all her sweaters that are no longer “work appropriate.” I’m liking her sweaters that are not appropriate for work; a voluptuous body and a tight sweater is like bacon and eggs, whiskey and beer they go so well together!

  • Introducing our children to crappy food
My wife is a health nut when it comes to food. She firmly believes that our kids should stay away from snacks that come from bags that are brightly colored, or have the words “Creamy Filling” on the label. On the other hand, I believe I could introduce a little junk food to them and have them learn to think of it as a rare treat. But just like Communist China, I realized too late that letting them have a taste of junk food is like capitalism—you can’t just have a little. Once our kids had a taste of it, there was no way to hold back the tidal wave of revolution.

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