This doesn’t involve a stripper pole, going without underpants or watching the latest sequel to Harold and Kumar’s misadventures. To be honest, guys could really use a playbook. It would be mighty convenient if the ladies can tell clueless men what you like and dislike when out on dates. We’re pretty sure you all feel the same. Here is a run through of things a guy wishes you’d do when out on a date hookup.

• Keep your Internet search findings to yourself

Let’s say you Googled around and found out that he had a hidden tattoo of Super Mario done during college and willfully attended a Black Eyed Peas concert a couple of months back. Unless he starts singing “Don’t Funk with My Heart” and wearing a Mario Brothers t-shirt, you are not allowed to say anything about it.

• Give in to your wacky urges

How will a guy know about your hilarious sense of humor if you always act prim and proper around him all night? You’ve got to have a quirk underneath all that good behavior.

• Flirt, and then flirt some more

A little touch in the elbow or forearm may be simple as to be inconsequential, but there isn’t a man on the planet that doesn’t feel a spark when you do it. Guys are genuine suckers for a woman’s attention.

• Let him know you you’ve checked his body out

Unlike women, guys don’t feel offended when objectified. A general date hookup rule to follow: If a guy mentions a body part more than once, say something positive about it.

• Refrain from telling stories about your ex camouflaged as “your friend”

Guys will know about this because they’ve done it themselves.

• Laugh at his jokes even if they’re not that funny

As long as his attempts on levity are even a tad bit funny and not offensive, there’s no harm in throwing a man a nice chuckle.

• Don’t show photos of your hot friends

All guys are going to think is… threesomes! This goes the same with iPhone slideshows of director’s cut photos of your pet. This makes a guy think of a different kind of threesome; the kind that involves fur and drool.

• Keep in mind that your horoscope has nothing to do with how your date will go

Or, in any case, how your relationship will fare. This goes the same with any fortune cookies you may read while out on a date hookup with him. However, playing fortune cookies in bed tells a different story—it’s fine and even encouraged.
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